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RC PF Truck

I love my Power Functions stuff. And intrigued by small, almost minifig-scaled (I know...) remote-controlled trucks like this one and this one I wanted to give it a try myself. My challenges were:


• Must be as small as possible. (It’s 7-wide with a 6-wide cab. Okay, it’s 8-wide, but only because those broader tyres look cooler. Some Details hang over anyway.)


• Must look cool. (The look is inspired by russian/eastern european trucks. You decide...)


• Must be fun to play with, i.e. must go fast! (It does. And the batteries are already getting weaker in this video. It also does a wheelie, sort of...)


• Must be sturdy enough to play with. (It is, unless you film it doing a wheelie on a very short but fairly high table...)


More pics at brickshelf

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Taken on March 11, 2009