Hanging out 2, captured with Nokia 808 PureView (Full resolution)

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    Nokia 808 PureView - Breakthrough depth, breakthrough detail, revolution in imaging!

    Please note that this image was captured with a prototype version of Nokia 808 PureView, which had an incorrect date setting in place at the time of the shoot. This issue concerned some of the images in the set. We've now updated the correct date to Flickr.

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    1. jojouimonen 38 months ago | reply

      “taken on March 5, 2012 using a Nokia 808 PureView.”

      March 5, 2012... is next week..
      What other things are not correct... ?

      Nice image though...

    2. A&M - Photography 38 months ago | reply

      "This photo was taken on March 5, 2012 using a Nokia 808 PureView. " You screwed with the EXIF data? If the EXIF is incorrect, the entire picture might aswell be from a different camera....

    3. Мaistora 38 months ago | reply

      Do you think they would do that? Like take shots with a full-frame DSLR (and high-class lenses), then doctor the EXIF to pretend they are from a phone?

      IMHO there's too much at stake to even think of such cheap 'tricks' - getting caught is inevitable and the consequences are disastrous. As soon as the first few dozen phones are sold and tested by keen photographers the truth will shine - for or against Nokia. I just cannot imagine they would be so stupid...

      It's more likely that the prototype phones that were being tested around the world (and I know of some other countries and tests) were just that - test prototypes, with some parts still incomplete. An easy explanation could be that the phone calendar was not fully implemented (or not fully integrated between phone and camera) - and date/time settings weren't correctly set or recorded...

      In any case, it will soon become clear - but I wouldn't bet on the conspiracy theory.

      (Well spotted, though - but use this detective skill to catch naive amateurs and not a global brand that's fighting for its life :)

    4. NokiaOfficial 38 months ago | reply

      Hi there, this is exactly what seems to have happened. One of the prototypes used at the shoot had the wrong date settings in place. Most of the photos in the set were still correctly dated. We hope this clears it.

    5. abubasim 38 months ago | reply

      Pixel peeping reveals a few stuck 'pixels'. Hopefully this is from a prototype that didn't pass through QC.

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