God Hates You

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    This is the group of assholes who show up at the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq. They hold up signs at the funerals that say the death of the soldier occured because it is God's revenge on America's tolerance of the gay and lesbian movement.

    Apparently not familiar with the concept of projection, they say out loud that every tragedy in the world is linked to homosexuality.


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    1. _davidh_ ages ago | reply

      Sickos. Pity there is no hell, cause these scumbags would be rotting there no doubt

    2. Eric Loftis 118 months ago | reply

      standard GOP talking points? wow. do people even think about what they say or write anymore????

    3. NoHoDamon 117 months ago | reply

      Monkeytime is kidding.

    4. monkeytime | brachiator 117 months ago | reply

      Actually, I was only half-kidding, NHD. The other half I was being hyperbolical, but serious. It always seemed clear to me that the GOP's loud, radical religious and hard-right wing didn't really care too much about "America" or "Americans" or "the troops" except as characters in their apocalyptic or hypermacho, self-aggrandizing fantasy life. The Westboro nutters are perhaps the most extreme, direct and vocal.

      As it happens, my hyperbole in using the terms "standard" and "GOP" was both prescient and insufficient. Let's not forget that we started on 9/12 with two of the leading, mainstream GOP boosters and radical right-wing clerics, Falwell and Robertson, talking about how God let 9/11 happen because America was too sinful, the gays the gays the gays, etc. We now have Rush Limbaugh publically hoping that Obama doesn't "succeed" and the entire GOP congressional caucus pretty much refusing to participate in rescuing the economy.

      So, yes, Break-A-Leg, I did think about what I wrote – I even thought about it before I wrote and was making a specific point, namely, that there's not as much distance between these nutters and the mainstream right-wing as that mainstream would like to make out. LOL

    5. NoHoDamon 117 months ago | reply

      I have to agree with all that stuff, Monkeytime, and I apologize for speaking for you.

    6. monkeytime | brachiator 117 months ago | reply

      No apology necessary, NHD. ;-) BTW, I should point out that your timing here was impeccable. You managed to get the two big signs in the frame, the most outrageous bang-on and still the key words "God" and "Obama."

    7. NoHoDamon 117 months ago | reply

      I had them pose like that.

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