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Female House Sparrow Lunching on Quince Blossoms

Female House Sparrow Lunching on Quince Blossoms Red-Breasted Sapsucker Tree with Crows White Crows Morning Arabesque Dogs Will Be Dogs Bedraggled Sparrow Osprey Arbor Day Green Heron Male House Finch Osprey with a Fish Doves in the Garden Lesser Scaup (revisited) Lesser Scaup Male and Two Females Spotted Towhee on a Snowy Branch Western Scrub-Jay in the Snow Ring-Necked Pheasant Guineafowl Three Canada Geese on the Wing

I got started with serious photography so I could shoot birds. My love affair with them continues. I imagine it always will.

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catmc says:

I love your new camera. YOur Jays look clearer than real life!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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naturepic08 says:

What a variety of birds. I like all your bird pics, keep shooting, like your descriptions too
Posted 103 months ago. ( permalink )

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