Mission(s) Accomplished: at 38

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    1. Finished my first short story -- it's all ready to be sent off! Almost finished the first draft of my second (even better) short story.

    2. Attended my first art workshop (painting!).

    3. Started dancing at a studio. Picked up 7 hours of classes on top of my ballroom hour with Izzy.

    4. Made some closer bonds with some of my family members and I value that so much.

    5. Painted entire home minus a few completed rooms. Bought some special pieces for the home, too.

    6. Began homeschooling the kids.

    (Just noticed I mixed up my journaing and the pics for #'s 3 and 5! While I was journaling I was reminding myself that that's exactly the type of thing I would do and I htought I was being so careful!

    Guess I'll have to switch the numbered brads. :)

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