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Retouch Photoshop Sample | by Noel Bass
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Retouch Photoshop Sample

I get a lot of questions about my editing work, so I posted this as an example of how it's possible to clear up blemishes and to color correct a photograph. This photo was sent to me. I didn't photograph this. I was simply hired to edit the original. Basically what I was given was a photo where the subject chose to take the shot without any type of make-up and the photographer didn't use enough lights to compensate for it. The subject has good looking strong features, but when lit a certain way in high definition, blemishes are magnified. The photographer has one softened light pointed at the subject from slightly above camera, and one hard light from behind off camera left. By having only one light on the front of his face, from above, this will create shadows any place on the face that is at a non-reflective angle. You can notice how under his eyes, the shade and lines are dramatized because of the lighting and lack of make-up. One way to fix this with lighting is to take another soft light from below and point it up at the subject. Having the light set at a lower setting than the light positioned above will make the result look more natural. Another issue with the original photograph is the white balance. You can see how the skin color is dull, with more blue-ish and cyan skin tones. What I did was restore the warmth to the color along with removing any skin blemishes. My goal is to always touch up a photo with the concept being simply to compensate for the lack of make-up or lighting in a photograph, rather than making the subject look unreal. Lighting a scene or subject is something that can take hours for photographers, so when you are on a photo shoot that is constantly on the move, or the subject is repositioning his head in many ways, you either have to make the lighting more universal or make up for it in editing. Thank god for photoshop!

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Taken on March 22, 2011