• I wonder why Apple didn't just make this a single hole... - ºDaines
  • this is like a magic. you will have to see how it looks when the light is off. i wonder how they did that.
    see my other pictures:
  • Its so that there is no visable hole when the light is off! - Samtherocker
  • Now all Apple needs to do is make the actual CAMERA invisible as well... can they do it?! - hackmiester
  • this may be the technology to make the camera invisible:
  • Those dots probably hurt the structural integrity of the case - wysilv
  • Aluminum. - justranded
  • One time I saw two birds doing it. - Daniel San
  • Why the hell are you posting HUGE comments over others'

    It's not even a constructive comment, if you actually read what was going out you wouldn't need to look like and asshat and ask. - ºDaines
  • Taking photos like this with a DSLR is easy. Detach the lens, reverse it, hold it to the body and get real close to what you want to photograph. The wider the lens, the more detail it shows. See my results - man durphy
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MacBook Pro [2006/Fall]

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English explanation:

Japanese: nobi.cocolog-nifty.com/nobilog2/2006/10/macbook_pro_bb68....

Also read the interview article, I wrote for ITmedia (there are some interesting slides there) :

here is video version:

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  1. nobihaya ages ago | reply

    they are not holes. or at least they don't look like holes.
    the aluminum bezel actually illuminates from within
    you wouldn't recognize where this indicator is when it is off.
    i am so amazed with this mechanizm and wonder how it works

  2. tylermhawkins ages ago | reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it's so cool!

  3. Samtherocker ages ago | reply

    Apple never cease to amaze me with their attention to detail. Thanks for sharing.

  4. brendanjnrbrendan [deleted] ages ago | reply

    That's cool! Can someone tell me how to add those tags, or whtever they are called on the picture? I've been meaning to ask that forever. You know those little boxes that appear when you cursor over the picture.


  5. poy flickr ages ago | reply

    oh, cool! how to do that?!
    apple give me an amazing design

  6. nobihaya ages ago | reply

    If you see an Icon that reads "Add Note" above the picture, you click on it to add that square box. If you don't see that icon that's my fault and I will try to fix it.

  7. nobihaya ages ago | reply

    I have changed the setting to this picture, so if you become a flickr user, you can "Add Notes".

    Also if you use del.icio.us or hatena bookmark, please bookmark this page or my blogs to spread the words.

    Many people are disimissing the new MacBook Pro, believing it is just a minor upgrade. But it is *NOT*. I would like to spread the words and let as many people know about this fact.

    it would be nice if you could read my article on ITmedia because it goes into tiny detail:

    perhaps, you can try bebel fish or other translation services.

  8. hanapbuhay ages ago | reply

    Nice... if you didn't know, your picture's been feature on engadget

    Here's an animated gif from Apple's site courtesy of evansls on Digg:

  9. nobihaya ages ago | reply

    hi hanapbuhay,
    thanks for letting me know. Yes, I found where the traffic is coming from and left a comment there.

  10. someToast ages ago | reply

    I have changed the setting to this picture, so if you become a flickr user, you can "Add Notes".

    Of course, that also gives people the ability to add tags, like the bozo that added "lame".

  11. wnixon264 ages ago | reply

    Thus solving a major mystery in the Star Trek universe. Apparently transparent aluminum was invented on a MAC :)


  12. nobihaya ages ago | reply

    monkey with a gun, nice tip!
    If you told it a day earlier, I could have taken yet another shot of the MacBook Pro; I have just returned the evaluation unit :-(
    But I will try it next time, I get the chance.

    Here you would see some more pictures of mine (i.e. my column for Microsoft MacTopia Japan):

  13. cindiann 119 months ago | reply

    365days - trying to determine if I have the cool macbook or not.

    Damn, I have to go buy a new Mac. (edited to put in SMALL size, not large size... doh)

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