The People of Detroit
The People of Detroit is an ongoing photodocumentary focused on people who live in, work in, or otherwise have a significant impact on the City of Detroit. I started the project in April 2010 after seeing a Dateline NBC documentary wherein metro-Detroit ex-pat and child molester inquisitor extraordinaire Chris Hansen profiled a man in Detroit who hunts, cooks and sells raccoons.

The implication being, of course, that things are so dire in Detroit that raccoon meat has become a staple food.

I grew up on welfare in the city. I've never eaten raccoon. Nor have any of my friends.

The Dateline story is endemic of most media coverage of the city. Its often times accurate (there is in fact a man who sells raccoons in the city), but it's rarely representative (most people in Detroit have never eaten raccoon).

I started TPOD to chronicle the intelligent, attractive, industrious, talented people who enliven the city and make it a place I enjoy calling home.

Since its inception, the project has received attention from a number of local media and, most recently, The Discovery Channel (a three-part series on Detroit is scheduled to air in August, 2011. My photo project will be featured in one of those three episodes).

So, yea. I hope the project serves as a just counterbalance to all the internationally circulated tales of Detroit-based raccoon eatin'.
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