Treasures of the NOAA Central Library
Within the 1,000,000 or so documents that reside in the NOAA Central Library are tens of thousands of jewels produced prior to the early Twentieth Century. The oldest of these is a translation of a treatise written by Hippocrates on the effect of climate on health printed in Latin in 1485. Many other early tomes concerned with observations of the natural world, scientific instruments, and scientific concepts have survived the ravages of the centuries and now reside within the Special Collections of the NOAA Central Library.

Through these documents, much of the early evolution of scientific and geographic knowledge of our atmosphere, oceans, and the remote areas of our planet can be traced. Words, thoughts, and deeds of scientists, surveyors, mapmakers, and explorers have been immortalized through the printed book. Within some of these documents, images of their work, observations, and concepts survive as engraved plates, woodcut images, or, in approaching the Twentieth Century, as photographic plates. However, only a lucky few scholars of the history of science ever see these images; fewer still scientists ever have the opportunity to study and learn from such images of the work of their early predecessors; and virtually no members of the general public ever have the opportunity to see such images as exist in these early works. Now all, including scientists, teachers, students, and all who enjoy learning from the past will have the opportunity to see and learn from these treasures.

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