Celebrating 5 years in India
NNEdPro celebrated 5 years of projects in India with:

Kickstarting events where it all began in Kolkata, on 22nd February. A 5 year Symposium with a presentation of results from the urban slums mobile teaching kitchen project which showcased results and lessons learnt from the urban slums mobile teaching kitchen project along with a live taster from the Mobile Kitchen, with a purpose of defining the next steps was held and saw a close group of stakeholders in attendance.

On Sunday 24th February the team headed north, bringing #nutritioneducation to health practitioners and conducted the first BMJ India & NNEdPro Masterclass in Nutrition in Delhi to positive feedback.

And finally the team travelled further to Sanghol, Punhab on Monday to launch the mobile teaching kitchen model in a rural agricultural setting on Tuesday and Wednesday 26/27 February through a hands-on workshop held with members of the Inner Wheel Club of Greater Kolkata and a dietitian from Kolkata involved in the project.
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