baby feet 3

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    They grow so fast..I figured I could get a few pics of my favorite baby part while they are still small.......

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    1. Michael Wachel Photography ages ago | reply

      This is a great photo. I am trying to find the time to do some of these shots with my two month old...the problem is I am so busy these days!

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    2. Enlightened Fellow ages ago | reply

      I like the tones of this shot, and the foot placement is well captured. It makes a statement about childhood. The only nitpicky thing I'd look at adjusting for better presentation would be the slight clockwise tilt to the shot.

      Class 4/5 (by the The Critique group)

    3. whiteroly ages ago | reply

      Class 4/5 (by the The Critique group)

    4. prwhitehead ages ago | reply

      its a very very nice shot. the focus is sharpe and the composition is original of a played out subject.

      it screams innocence. the lighting is wonderful, and it works so much better in B&W than it would in colour. i love how the feet are positioned.

      the only thing i can see that i would change, is that the stair is slightly slanted in one direction, a little rotation and it would be perfect.

      Class 4/5 (by the The Critique group)

    5. !Katie! ages ago | reply

      I had to click through and look at this one. Lots of signs of being a toddler - the rolled up jeans, standing on the tops of the toes, climbing the stairs instead of walking up them. The lighting is very nice too.

      I'm with the others though - the slant of the stair is off.

      Class 4.5/5 (by the The Critique group)

    6. lou & magoo ages ago | reply

      I wish I had seen that doggone crooked stair when i was shooting. The poor kid got worn out taking these ones. She would get to the top of the stairs, and I would bring her back down to do it again. Trying to follow her up the stairs with a camera in my face was not easy either.
      Any ideas on how to fix this??

    7. Enlightened Fellow ages ago | reply

      It's pretty easy to do with photoshop or just about any photo editing software. I've never used GIMP, but I know it's free, and I'm pretty sure it will allow you to rotate an image. Just Google "GIMP." Come to think of it, Google's Picasa will allow you to straighten an image as well, and it's simple to use.

    8. artsy_T ages ago | reply

      adorable!! love love love it!! nice capture!

    9. BayouBaby ages ago | reply

      So sweet!!!! Seen in barefoot kids group

    10. timbersmith/ sandra dögg ages ago | reply

      great idea, well done!

    11. ikusimakusi ages ago | reply

      So funny perspective, love this one!

    12. KeNNy KaPooR ages ago | reply

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    13. goddessbirthhelp ages ago | reply

      You are so talented!

    14. DaveWilsonPhotography ages ago | reply

      This is lovely and makes me regret not getting any decent "tiny hands/tiny feet" pictures when my two were teenies.

      Seen in your my favorites set. (?)

    15. John Wirick Photography 114 months ago | reply

      Great shot. I used to take pics of my son's hand in mine. Now, he's bigger than I am!!

    16. * Sue * 98 months ago | reply

      I love baby feet.
      Really sweet capture

    17. xodeb 88 months ago | reply

      the most precious!

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