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Well advertised!

A uniformed man looking at a price list and advertisement for a canteen. The sign has been made out of wooden slats and is fixed to a brick building. The advertisement on the right states 'STEP INSIDE! / AMERICAN BAR / Je ne pense pas / CAMBRIDGE LEMONADE / 1d PER 1/2 LITRE.' The price list on the left lists everything from tobacco and confectionery to stationary, plugs and matches. It is a well-stocked canteen. It is thought this photograph was taken by John Warwick Brooke.


A large number of canteens were set up to provide refreshments for the many soldiers at the Front. The rations given to the men were so often frugal that the extra sustenance offered by the canteens was welcome. It also offered the men somewhere to relax, providing a brief escape from the harsh realities of life at the Front.


[Original reads: 'OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT. Well advertised! A canteen near the front line.']

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Taken circa 1918