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Be careful (the man on the left made this board and chessmen himself)

Two men on a break playing chess. Two men are sitting on a short, rough plank bench with a chess board balanced in between them. One of them is wearing a rough suit and the other a knitted thick jersey and sack apron: both of them have cropped hair and are wearing small round cloth caps. They don't look particularly relaxed and their seat can't be comfortable. They are sitting in a courtyard with buildings behind them and a wall at the end of the courtyard. Carts and stairs are visible and the ground is slick with wet mud.


These men look like they are an a break from work due to their clothes and the rough nature of their bench. There were opportunities for relaxation but the entertainment had to be portable and was often handmade.


[Original reads: 'OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON THE FRONT IN FRANCE 'Be careful' (The man on the left made this board and Chessmen himself).']

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Taken circa 1918