Striding along Sackville Street

Lovely candid shot of a woman passing a newsagents on Sackville Street (now O'Connell Street), Dublin. This is from our Clarke Collection, most of which were taken between 1897 and 1904. Is there anything in this photo to help us narrow that date down? The headlines on the news posters are not very clear unfortunately...


Cathal ua Broin at no. 35 translates as Charles Byrne (thanks swordscookie & ccferrie).


Date: Circa 1902 (but definitely between 1897-1904)



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  • swordscookie is back! PRO 3y

    Niall McAuley ccferrie Which probably means as I suggested that the boys were playing conkers rather than marbles. Well done guys, this is the best game in town watching you and the others weave your magic!
  • Derek PRO 3y

    Call me cynical but I find this picture just too good to be true and would say it is utterly posed rahter than a candid insight into Dublin street life.
  • guliolopez 3y

    Derek You are cynical :)

    FYI all. Family member was in Eason's earlier and spotted this on the shelves :)
  • Niall McAuley PRO 3y

    Here's something for yezzir Stockings
  • Gerry Ward 3y

    guliolopez Something beginning with 'P' has been edited out of the version on the cover of "The World Upturning"! :-)
  • blackpoolbeach 3y

    For the festive season, have a look at The Temple Bar, Dublin live in HD on Earthcam.
  • blackpoolbeach 3y

    Micheál Cattigan John A. Coffey For a limited period you can get Flickr PRO account free of charge.
    No doubt the bills will start rolling in soon.
  • spesnova10 3y

    Niall McAuley They come as a boon and a blessing to men, the Pickwick, the Owl and the Waverly Pen...old advertising slogan
  • Niall McAuley PRO 3y

    Good catch, spesnova10!

    I see that advertising slogan in a newspaper from 1875, so it is a lot older than this photo!
  • DaithiDePaor 3y

    The poster to the left of the Irish Times is headed "An Claideamh Solais" in stylised Gaelic script. Under the Irish Times I can make out "Conference Proposed-Important Decision-Education Bill" Under the Sporting(?) Chronicle is listed "Phoenix Park, Kempton, Haydock, Duke of York Stakes. Under the "Relief Fund" poster, the last line reads "Irish Party Meeting". Does all this help or hinder????
  • ccferrie 3y

    An Claidheamh Soluis was first published in 1899 so that narrows the field a bit. Thanks DaithiDePaor. Incidentally it was edited by Pádraig Pearse between 1903 and 1909.
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons PRO 3y

    DaithiDePaor Definitely helps, thanks! As ccferrie says, it puts a date of after 1899 beyond any doubt!

    I tried some of your phrases in the Irish Times for that period, but sadly couldn't find a particular edition...
  • HSOM 3y

    Seen from scandinavia I look at it from a litle more tecknical side. Compere whit the foto of to day. Look om the shape and the brightnes. Will the fotos of to day last a 100 years?
    And then - look at the 4 yougsters in the rear. What are they doing - they seam to have at least som fun.
  • blackpoolbeach 3y

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons Electric tram wires are visible.
    "By January 1901 the entire city system, which covered about 60 miles (97 km) to 66 miles (106 km), was electrified".
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons PRO 3y

    HSOM Hopefully the photos of today will last, but only if they're printed, or digitally preserved in formats that can be migrated...

    And yes, those boys almost steal the limelight from the hurrying lady! :)
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons PRO 3y

    blackpoolbeach Which helps strengthen our circa 1902 date, Old Pete!
  • Ben Fagan 2y

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons The Irish Times on Thursday October 30th 1902 reported that a conference had been proposed about land issues in Limerick by a Lord Dunraven. It also reported that several nationalist MPs had absented themselves from a debate about an education bill, but that a few had remained to discuss this 'important bill'. I can't recall if the Times mentioned the conference the day before but the bill had been slowly progressing through parliament for a week and the actions reported on the 30th were a surprise. Could we say its the 30th of October 1902 (give or take a day?)
  • Ben Fagan 2y

    Did some further research on this and the meeting I referred to above was the first of a series which would eventually culminate in the 1903 land act a few months later.
  • Paul Kelly PRO 11mo

    In 2006, I took a photograph in the exact same spot on O'Connell Street -
    35 O'CONNELL STREET 2006 by PM Kelly
  • Ken MAc Intyre 8mo

    was Irish script not illegal at the start of the century ?
    i believe Padraic pearse defended a case where a man used irish script on the nameplate of his Cart. (the sign was painted by my grandfather) the sign is in the county museum in letterkenny.
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