Miss Bay Farrell - known to go out "without her gloves"

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Uploading this quirky shot today as we got great information on this woman last Friday. Brendan Grogan in Waterford (a relative) spotted Bay Farrell in this photo taken at a Bazaar in Tramore on Thursday, 17 June 1909!

Always delighted to hear from relatives, but especially so in this case as Miss Farrell was on my list for upload as this photo is so crazy. Don't think Bay Farrell's relatives will mind me saying that, as Brendan himself said: She was described by an Irish relative as being "high spirited" and had been known to go out "without her gloves."

Here's the information submitted by Brendan under the photo where he spotted Bay, who must have been back from the States for a visit in 1909:
"... was Margaret Mary Farrell, known as 'Bay'. She was baptized on October 19,1874 at Sacred Heart, Ferrybank, Waterford. She was one of 11 children born to Richard Farrell and Mary Monica (Downey), amongst whom was my Grandfather, Walter J. Farrell. Austin Farrell, (NLI Ref.: P_WP_3697) was another brother.

She was described by an Irish relative as being "high spirited" and had been known to go out "without her gloves." She moved to the United States and married Jeremiah Carew, who she knew from Waterford, at Fort Myer, Alexandria, Virginia in 1899. She died October 30, 1942 (aged 68) in Bronx, New York."

So what do we think Miss Bay Farrell is up to here? Wonder if it was taken in or near the Barracks in Waterford? (Definitely taken in Waterford)

Date: 1894?

NLI Ref.: P_WP_0599

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  1. derangedlemur 44 months ago | reply

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons You're probably safe enough with 1897/98 then.

  2. swordscookie 44 months ago | reply

    derangedlemur I'm the one guilty of introducing the "Vickers" name into the proceedings and that was probably misleading. The original of the species was the "Maxim" machine gun which was the principal manufacturer of machine guns until passed out/equalled by Vickers and Hotchkiss etc. The various models of Maxim looked quite similar to the one in the shot above and the Vickers is similar with several distinctive features. It may of course have been manufactured by any of a number of companies.

  3. DannyM8 44 months ago | reply

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons I did say "if".

    My opinion On the left she does look older, but still has the Moira waist, she looks every part of a visiting Yank! (only worry why a 20th Century Stall in 1909???)
    She looks more than 20 on the right, so closer to her departure for marriage in the USA looks good to me.

    Anyone find the date of her passage to the U.S.?

  4. blackpoolbeach 44 months ago | reply

    "Vickers bought out the Barrow-in-Furness shipbuilder The Barrow Shipbuilding Company in 1897, acquiring its subsidiary the Maxim Nordenfelt Guns and Ammunition Company at the same time, to become Vickers, Sons & Maxim."

  5. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 44 months ago | reply

    DannyM8 I know you said "if". Sorry if I sounded snarky... :)

    And are we trademarking a cinched-in waist as henceforth to be known as a Moira Waist or Mogey Waist?

  6. derangedlemur 44 months ago | reply

    blackpoolbeach Fair enough. They'd stopped putting shiny brass water jackets on them pretty early on though. While Johnny Foreigner might not have liked the sight of a nice shiny machine gun, his reaction was typically to "chuck a bomb at it like a bloody anarchist" (I've forgotten who the quote is from - Ivor Maxse, possibly - and I've taken it out of context anyway, but you get the gist).

    Edit: The (mis)quote is from Lieutenant Colonel Croft (should read "Chucking a bomb at it like a blighted anarchist"). Not that it helps date the picture either way.

  7. tj666 [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    HaHa. That looks like a bit of a risque hemline also. I'm shocked.

  8. lmldolz 44 months ago | reply

    What a wonderful photo!!

  9. blackpoolbeach 44 months ago | reply

    Buffalo Bill Cody brought his Wild West Show to Britain in 1887, in 1891-2 and finally from 1902 to 1904. Did he get to Ireland?
    Some more risque costumes from the National Fairground Archive of Sheffield University.

  10. Brendan C.H. 44 months ago | reply

    Interesting stuff. Can't tell you anything more about her life in Ireland, but I was curious to find out whether she lived in the same neighborhood as my own Bronx Irish immigrant ancestors, so I looked her up in the US/NY Census records. Turns out she did not, though she is buried in the same colossal cemetery (St Raymond's). Also, if I did my research right, I think she sometimes went by the name "Rita?" On another random side note, her husband Jeremiah Carew was a superintendent of the A&P Grocery chain, which exists in the US to this day.

  11. Brendan J. Grogan 44 months ago | reply

    On mature reflection...and more careful consideration, not to mention hours of discussion, research etc..

    1.p-wp-0599 Poole picture is definiely Margaret Bay Farrell. She appears in a
    number of photographs of the same event, which we are told was held in Waterford.
    The date approx. 1894 would seem correct. Her name is mentioned, as also is High
    Street. Her picture from another source matches her features.

    2. My great Aunt, Margaret Bay Farrell was born in 1874 in Waterford and lived in
    High Street before emigrating to USA. The series of pictures taken at this event
    with ref. #s 0599,0575,007 etc..all include the lady in question.This would make
    her age in photograph to be approx. 20 years old.

    3. Margaret Bay Farrell was married to Jeremiah Carew in Virginia in 1899 and
    immediately started to produce their family of 9 starting with 1900 and
    subsequently 02,04,06,08,10,12,15 and 19. This level of family committment would
    most likely have precluded her from travelling back to Ireland. I now have a
    picture of her in 1906 in the US, surrounded by 4 children.

    4. The comparison with p-wp-1942 is sadly not correct in my opinion and I must
    apologise for the wild goose chase. This picture is referenced as having been taken
    in Tramore in 1909 and is included with a number of other pictures of the same
    event. She is not Margaret.

    5. Maybe someone can offer more information on the 1909 event in Tramore, who is
    the lady in white?

    6. The location of the earlier event is unknown, the suggestion of the Waterford
    military barracks is a likely venue, I'll look at the chimney stacks again, if they
    still exist!

    7. Regarding the 7 legged horse, I think that there are two horses. Look at the
    saddles. Pooles didn't do double exposures!

    Many thanks to everybody for their input, it has been most interesting,

    Brendan Grogan

  12. DannyM8 44 months ago | reply

    Brendan J. Grogan Hi I hear what you say but the two women are the image of each other - could they be related rather than being the same woman?

  13. Marine Attack Squadron ( VMA ) 225 43 months ago | reply

    I'm not a paying member of Ancestry. Com; but it looks like Bay Farrell Carew was living in the Bronx in the New York State Census of 1915.

  14. Marine Attack Squadron ( VMA ) 225 43 months ago | reply

    Did a little more searching on Bay Farrell Carew. Someone went out of their way to include her in a website called Geni, a Genealogy Site. Check the link below.


  15. blackpoolbeach 43 months ago | reply

    Marine Attack Squadron ( VMA ) 225 This looks like the family in the 1901 census, French Church Street, Waterford
    Mary M FARRELL, 65, Head of Family, Widow
    Kate M FARRELL, 29, Daughter, Milliner, not married
    Mary B FARRELL, 29, Daughter, no trade, not married
    Alice FARRELL, 27, Daughter, Telegraphist, not married
    Frances M FARRELL, 19, Daughter, no trade, not married
    All born in Waterford.

    Births from FamilySearch, father Richard FARRELL, mother Mary Monica DOWNEY
    1864 John Michael FARRELL
    1866 Gertrude Mary Bernard FARRELL
    1868 Alice FARRELL
    1869 Richard Joseph Reville FARRELL
    1872 Augustine Aaron FARRELL
    1876 Francis Robert FARRELL
    1878 Frances Mary FARRELL
    Some names missing. More research needed.

    Margaret Mary FANELL, Birth Date: 16 Oct 1874
    Birthplace: Waterford, Waterford, Waterford, Ireland
    Father's Name: Richard FANELL
    Mother's Name: Mary Monica Downey FANELL

    This info uploaded by Brendan Grogan Brendan J. Grogan
    "In 1860, Richard Farrell, son of Walter Farrell and Bridget Reville of Black Friars Waterford, married Mary Monica Downey, daughter of Micheal Downey, Agent for Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd. and Great Western Railway Steamers. The family resided at no. 10 Sion Row, Ferrybank from 1860 to 1877. 12 children were born to Richard and Mary."

  16. DannyM8 43 months ago | reply

    blackpoolbeach Perhaps Mary and Kate were twins? Could explain why the two women look so much alike?

  17. blackpoolbeach 43 months ago | reply

    DannyM8 "Kate Mary FARRELL & Mary Bridget FARRELL were twins, born 20th June 1860."
    This info uploaded by Brendan Grogan Brendan J. Grogan

  18. DannyM8 43 months ago | reply

    blackpoolbeach If they were 29 in 1901 they should have born in 1873?

  19. Brendan J. Grogan 43 months ago | reply

    As was common in census documents, people were economically truthful about their ages and enumerators got it wrong from time to time. In this instance, the anomaly has already been a topic for much discussion in our family......Let's leave them their dignity....

  20. haniball2000 42 months ago | reply

    photo at a show in tramore.miss farrell is standing on the carriage of a gatling gun.one of a crew of two lying on the ground playing dead

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