Stella Maris Hotel, Kilkee, Co. Clare, 1990

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Definitely some tourists (see the car regn. nos.) enjoying beautiful sunshine outside the Stella Maris Hotel in Clare, on a Bank Holiday Monday in 1990.

Taken by photographer, John O'Brien...

You can compare this view of Kilkee with its companion photo taken approximately 100 years earlier as part of the Lawrence Photographic Project 1990/1991, where one thousand photographs from the Lawrence Collection in the National Library of Ireland were replicated a hundred years later by a team of volunteer photographers, thereby creating a record of the changing face of the selected locations all over Ireland.

For further information on the Lawrence Photographic Project, read all about it on our NLI Blog.

Date: Monday, 6 August 1990 at 17:15 (weather conditions - sunny)

NLI Ref.: LPP_43A/14

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  1. Ray_Flynn 34 months ago | reply

    Kilkee has hardly changed over the years, the line and layout of most of the buildings is still the same,

    Now and Then
    Dohertys Terrace is on the right while the houses on the left side of the street are in Geraldine Place

  2. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 34 months ago | reply

    Any shots of the Stella Maris in your Clare set, Ray?

  3. Ray_Flynn 34 months ago | reply

    No but the next time im there i will get one!

  4. Ray_Flynn 34 months ago | reply

    There is lots of old pictures of Kilkee at the Clare County Library

  5. DannyM8 34 months ago | reply

    In this series to date I would think it is fair to say that the original photographs are much better than their latter day cousins. I suppose this could be down to the professionalism of the photographers?, but I feel that the latter day men and women had to deal with a much more cluttered and busy Ireland. For instance the motor cars and the telegraph pole in particular ruin this photograph.

    Also notice that there has beed extensive rebuilding to the main part of the premises, the chimneys and roof seem to be new as are the bay windows.

  6. Joefuz 34 months ago | reply

    The car bottom right may be a Ford Escort Mark 2... Also surprisingly the registrations that can be seen to be bunged into for exact details of what they are.

  7. adambangor 34 months ago | reply

    I would disagree with DannyM8 about the cars ruining the modern view. I think they add to it, as time passes they will increasingly be viewed with interest and nostalgia, adding to the social history appeal of the photo, just like forms of transport such as a horse and trap would add interest to a photo from a century ago. I also like the fact that there is a rubbish bin in the bottom left corner, at least it's a true representation of how things are and were. I think it's great to see the Lawrence Project images being digitised and uploaded.

  8. Joefuz 34 months ago | reply

    I agree. This photo is 20 years old, so already some of the cars pictured are gone from our roads, while others have attained collectors status. I also like the rubbish bin, as I can see the old style Club orange, Fanta and 7Up cans in it. Now, if you could see an old Marathon, Opel Fruits, Dime bar, wrapper, that would be even better!

  9. DannyM8 34 months ago | reply

    I hear and understand the points you raise. I would still rather be the photographer of the early rather than the later shot. D

    Had not noted the rubbish bin earlier. it looks like an old barrel to me with the rubbish sitting on it?

  10. oaktree_brian_1976 34 months ago | reply

    Agreed, the photo looks too "busy". Get out of the way so we can see the scene people!

  11. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 34 months ago | reply

    I agree with about the passage of time! In 2090, people may well be poring over the 1990 photo with the interest we give to the 1890s one. And I love the contents of the rubbish bin too!

  12. Joefuz 34 months ago | reply wouldn't normally come up on a photography website! It's normally used to check a car before a potential purchase, but it's working for IDing the cars in the photos! I don't think it will cover the cars in the older photos though!

  13. Ray_Flynn 33 months ago | reply

    Stella Maris

    Stella Maris Hotel, Kilkee, Co. Clare, July 2012.
    The bay windows at the front have been changed and made bigger, it has also extended into the adjoining building raising the hight of the roof

  14. Ghost Radio 22 months ago | reply

    Ford Fiesta at bottom right. Sierra Saphire the blue car turning right.

  15. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 22 months ago | reply

    Thanks! Have added those models to our tags.

  16. DannyM8 22 months ago | reply

    You are obviously on a clean up my files day. open a bottle of wine. I have a nice Cn du Pape going here, trying to recover from that taste of Dublin last night.

  17. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 22 months ago | reply

    On my salary? I'm drinking 7 Up! :D

  18. Paddy Waldron 16 months ago | reply

    I have mixed views on this Streetview: It shows how the style of the bins changed from 1990 to 2009; but the tag suggests that the hotel is in the bin; and the car registration numbers are greyed out to prevent us from identifying the models at!!

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