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Fancy a Cuppa?

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Bustling market scene at Ballybricken Green in Waterford. Would imagine this refreshment van did a brisk trade in tea and coffee that day. And what a beautiful milk jug!

That's M.J. (Michael J.) Phelan's Hotel in the background at no. 14. And Poole Photographic Studio scratched out some of the sign behind the van, which reads Lipton's Tea 1s/4d (1 shilling/4 pennies).

We know that Phelan's Hotel is now Smak, East European Store thanks to Niall McAuley, and here's an approximately contemporary map from blackpoolbeach.

Thanks to swordscookie for his family tale (and for id-ing the Bull Post):
"My wifes family came from just off to the left of this shot off the Yellow Road. The cattle fair took place there right into the '60's and her younger brother loved going there when down on holidays. He invariably came home covered in cow dung as he was very small and got slapped by many a cows tail as he wandered about."

One of our NLI Facebook people, Niall Ahearne, told us that:
"The tall building to the right hand side of the photo used to be Mackeys Public house. It was known locally (to those 'in the know') as "Lourdes" because if a man wanted an early morning 'cure' badly enough he'd always get a drink in there very early in the morning by giving a discreet (I suppose) knock on the side door!" Niall also said: "do ye see the tall chimney above the "r" in the Waterford sign? I would venture to suggest that that was from the old Strangman's Brewery in Mary Street, later to become Cherry's Brewery and now part of Diageo! I used to live in Mary Street from early 50s to mid 60s!"

ofarrl contributed this 1926 Pathé Newsreel footage of a wonderfully behatted crowd being addressed by Captain W.A. Redmond (son of John Redmond?) at Ballybricken Green.

Date: Wednesday, 4 May 1910

NLI Ref.: P_WP_2103

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  1. DannyM8 14 months ago | reply

    Carol will be a hard act to follow, I wonder if it will be a New boy Carol or a New girl Carol?

  2. beachcomberaustralia 13 months ago | reply

    282,562 on 26/2/14.

    How many other items in the Library are getting about 1,000 views a day? Even if Flickr's algorithms are offbeat, that number of views is not to be sniffed at.

    [With apologies yet again for my dangling preposition]

  3. muugii_xas 13 months ago | reply

    good every loketly bye

  4. wegobeach2 13 months ago | reply

    So interesting to be able to catch a glimpse of what life was like then.

  5. beachcomberaustralia 13 months ago | reply

    300,085 views on 15/3/14 (beware the Ides of March).

  6. DannyM8 11 months ago | reply


  7. purplebowl6954 11 months ago | reply

    What year was this and what location?

  8. Niall McAuley 11 months ago | reply

    Ballybricken Green in Waterford, Wednesday, 4 May 1910

  9. beachcomberaustralia 9 months ago | reply

    377,402 views on 23/6/14 ... who are all these viewers?

  10. ofarrl 9 months ago | reply

    I wonder, has to be linked on a site with a lot of traffic.

  11. Niall McAuley 9 months ago | reply

    It's on wikimedia, but no wikipedia pages link to it there...

  12. beachcomberaustralia 8 months ago | reply

    401,224 on 3/8/2014

  13. Deer Brother 7 months ago | reply

    Its such an strange world we had back then. Makes you wonder how it existed.

  14. DannyM8 5 months ago | reply

    Hi - Now 416,315

  15. janet lindgren pierce 5 months ago | reply

    Such a wonderful moment in HISTORY.........awesome photo !!

  16. beachcomberaustralia 23 hours ago | reply

    432,747 on 27/3/15
    30 million views ...

  17. Niall McAuley 22 hours ago | reply

    perhaps Mary could take a look at the [three dots] Stats page and see if there is a very prominent referrer for this one?

    I can't imagine 400,000 searching for Ballybricken images...

    And having tried that, it isn't even prominent in Google image results. Google seems to have downgraded Flickr since Yahoo bought it.

  18. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3 hours ago | reply

    For the timeframe I can see it's 90% flickr on relatively low volume.

    This was not picked by Explore. It did get a lot of views about 2 years ago, have a look at comments from that time. But it does score well every day.

    Out of Interest "Dublin Bread Company Revisited" is very popular at the moment and is consistently near the top of the daily list, well over 90% of views are from Flickr.

    Again for interest we average about 50,000 views per day across the stream.

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