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Locals and day trippers enjoying the sunshine at Rush, Co. Dublin. Like this one for the clear examples of the progression of wheeled transport - bicycle, motorbike and car. But I think there may be a horse in there as well (or perhaps a cow which ruins the whole "horse" power vibe). The car registration no. is YI 9567 or YI 9562, but it is definitely YI 956#.


DannyM8 has identified the car as a Citroen B10 1925 and gives Dublin City Registration Plates as going from YI 1 to YI 9999 (Apr 1921 - Mar 1927). Our reg. no. is YI 9567 or 9562, so would that give us a date of around 1926 rather than 1925?


And our thanks to Philip Ward for spotting yet another form of wheeled transportation - a pram!


We were unsure whether this was the North or the South Beach, but shocko990, artvaleri and swordscookie all confirm South Beach, thanks very much!


Date: Circa 1926?


NLI Ref.: Eas 1941

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Taken circa 1926