• Blanche Watts, id-ed by DannyM8
  • Thomas Francis Buckley, id-ed by DannyM8
  • Sarah Catherine Watts, widow and mother of Blanche??
  • Richard (Dick) Watts, Blanche's brother??
  • Perhaps Richard (Dicks) wife and if the research is correct a sister to the groom?
    Maud Mary Buckley, known as May or Maisie - DannyM8

April 29, 1907

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The original glass plate negative is a little ill, to say the least, but couldn't resist this one for the obvious glamour of the wedding party. All that we originally knew about this photo was that it was probably the wedding of Miss Watts of Bonmahon, Co. Waterford. This may be the Watts family who had copper mining concerns at Bonmahon (Bunmahon).

Confirmation about the wedding has come in from DannyM8, along with a very dramatic and quite tragic local story. See the comments below for detail. But now we know that Miss Watts was Emily Blanche Watts (1878-1960?), known as Blanche, who married Thomas Francis Buckley. I've added notes on the photos on the couple who were presumably the bride and groom, and on maybe Blanche's mother and brother, based on 1901 census information provided by DannyM8.

Niall McAuley has played a blinder by finding Glebe House, where this photo was taken, and a gorgeous link to more information on Bonmahon and the Watts.

Date: Monday, 29 April 1907

NLI Ref.: P_WP_1660a

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  1. Niall McAuley 24 months ago | reply

    There's not a lot to go on, but I'm liking this Streetview as the location.

  2. Niall McAuley 24 months ago | reply

    Yes, that's Glebe House on the OS 25" map, and a quick Google throws up a few mentions of the Watts family living here, like Enid Corin's Recollections of Bonmahon.

  3. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 24 months ago | reply

    No need for apologies! Top hats are pretty gorgeous - love their shininess (if that's a word).

  4. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 24 months ago | reply

    I'm really liking that location. Well done, you, thanks! And love the postmistress with British Summer Time and God's Time on her two clocks.

  5. Philip Ward 24 months ago | reply

    Its wonderful how these images on old glass negs. are being saved thru the digital medium, before they succumb to the ravages of time.

  6. DannyM8 24 months ago | reply

    Are they the same men? Back row right above and extreme right top row?

  7. Niall McAuley 24 months ago | reply

    If so, he's aged well, there's 23 years between those photos!

  8. vivienne_strauss 24 months ago | reply

    I love this! At first glance I didn't realize it was damaged, I thought I was peeking through the hedges at this wonderful group!

  9. DGrimes 12 months ago | reply

    Does anyone happen to know anything about Frederick Shaw? Was he originally from Bonmahon and did he have siblings? It's a name that appears in our Shaw family tree a few times but we can only trace back as far as a James Shaw who lived in Dublin, was born around the 1860/70's and have no information on siblings or Shaw cousins of that time. Any help appreciated

  10. bonny1979 11 months ago | reply

    He was from Sculcoats York,

  11. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 11 months ago | reply

    Hi. Are you saying the Frederick Shaw that asks about was from Sculcoats?

  12. bonny1979 9 months ago | reply

    yes Frederick Shaw was from Sculcostes,he came to bonmahon 1902, HMS Coastguards, on the 5th aug, and he was drowned on the 7aug 1902,we are putting his name on the memorial wall in waterford,would love to know more about him.

  13. bonny1979 9 months ago | reply

    Frederick Shaw was only two days in ireland,He was born 1874, west Sculcoates county of York,his father's name was thomas, his mother was mary mainprige. he was 27 when he died,he was married,i have his birth cert, and his death cert,any help appreciated,plesae,

  14. bonny1979 9 months ago | reply

    He had a brother Charles thomas, and a sister Amy ,she was two years younger, and the brother was two years older.

  15. La Belle Province 9 months ago | reply

    How did I miss this? It's Hat-O-Riffic.

  16. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 9 months ago | reply

    And yet, and yet, Tuesday's photo will knock this one into a cocked hat (adorned with feathers, flowers, fronds).

  17. La Belle Province 9 months ago | reply

    I'll be there, with bells on!
    This one was just a lucky find, no doubt to tide me over.

  18. pipoclown269 2 months ago | reply

    Nice Picture! The people have neat clothes!

  19. rsigholz 6 weeks ago | reply

    yes some Great Old Pictures and this one on April 29 is my Birthday .

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