Patrick Sullivan's Bar

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    All that we know about this photo is that it was taken in Patrick Sullivan's Bar, circa 1963. Anyone recognise this pub?

    It certainly looks as if a good time was being had by this group of farmers...

    guliolopez suggested that being able to see the outside of Richard Sullivan's Bar might "make it easier to divine the location"...

    Date: Circa 1963

    NLI Ref.: TIL609

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    1. Star Cat 26 months ago | reply

      Well, it doesn't get any more Irish than that! LOVE!

    2. oaktree_brian_1976 26 months ago | reply

      Oh, I see the one on the left breaking the smoking ban! Call the authorities quick!

    3. guliolopez 26 months ago | reply

      Might be easier to divine the location from Tillbrook's exterior shot. Personally I've no idea. (And "Patrick Sullivan" is hardly a rare name for a rural publican :) )

    4. billh35 26 months ago | reply

      It reminded me (no idea why though) of the old Harp lager advert on Ulster TV with the vikings who land and enter a bar where the barmaid is actress Vicky Michelle -in the days long before she became known as Yvette in 'Allo 'Allo. Their line was "This place has never used to see women in Irish bars". Now that's one that's not on youtube!

    5. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 26 months ago | reply

      None of that defeatist talk! :)
      We've solved harder ones on here before now... p.s. good thinking, Batman, on the exterior shot. I'll add it into the description above.

    6. aquietlife~M 26 months ago | reply

      a very happy occasion !

    7. billh35 26 months ago | reply

      The ad would have been on in the early 1980's and shown on UTV. The story line showed vikings landing and marauding through an Irish village with a shot appearing of a pub with a Harp sign outside it. The vikings burst in shouting "we've come for the Harp" and get two pints of harp from Vicky Michelle and one comments to the other:
      "This place has changed!"
      " do you mean?"
      "Well you used to not see women in Irish pubs!"
      Pack shot and end.

      It was produced by the Ark advertising agency which closed down -

    8. billh35 26 months ago | reply

      I always loved the message in the Harp advert, which is borne out by this photo, that historically it is only recently that women would be seen in Irish pubs! In my childhood in Belfast in the 60's my mother wouldnt go into a pub alone!

    9. Schoolbookdepository 26 months ago | reply

      Wouldnt know the pub but you guarentee they are all dead from Cirrhosis of the liver....

    10. South Ribble in the Great War 26 months ago | reply

      I remember the as bring on the telly over here in England as well. Harp had been released over here and they were keen to push it.

    11. South Ribble in the Great War 26 months ago | reply

      Sorry for the bad grammar there, just getting used to a new on -screen keyboard. I remember the ad being on telly, I meant to say!

    12. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 26 months ago | reply

      And did Harp ever do well in England in the end?

    13. billh35 26 months ago | reply

      I only remember ever seeing Harp a few times on mainland. Bought a case/tray of it at Makro once but never saw it again! I think the odd Irish bar may have sold but not not the themed Irish pubs.

    14. South Ribble in the Great War 26 months ago | reply

      It wasn't sold much on draft, but was very popular in the canned form.

    15. billh35 26 months ago | reply

      And then it disappeared!

      Funny it made me think of Guinness's "New Guinness Light" which was a direct attack on Harp and which used the slogan "They Said It Couldn't Be Done" and they had this gigantic poster site on York Street Belfast to which someone added in spray paint "....and they were right!" It was horrible and Guinness ended up pouring thousands of gallons down the drains!

    16. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 26 months ago | reply

      Love that: "... and they were right"!

    17. doctorbob 23 months ago | reply

      Magnificent! My grandad would have described these kind of 'aul fellas' as the sort that would be 'leppin' like young bucks'.

    18. billh35 23 months ago | reply

      Classy "aul fellas" suits WITH wellies! "Boys o boys!"

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