January 18, 1914

Besides the date, the only information we have for this one is A.O.H. Fancy dress, group. I'm taking A.O.H. to be Ancient Order of Hibernians? However, fancy dress doesn't describe the uniformity of costume, so I think this is an amateur dramatics cast in full regalia - Pirates of Penzance perhaps?


Thanks to desmondg47, we now know that this photo was taken at the rear of City Hall/Theatre Royal on The Mall, Waterford.


Date: Sunday, 18 January 1914


NLI Ref.: P_WP_2576

  • oaktree_brian_1976 3y

    I was going to say Peter Pan, but there is no fairy above...
  • swordscookie is back! 3y

    We're all thinking light opera and those musicals that we are familiar with today but that shot was taken 100 years ago! I believe that it was more likely to be a drama and possibly a contemporary one at that. The AOH would have been very nationalistic and the costumes appear to be set around the time of the revolution in France. Dion Boucicoult (spelling???) or some similar author was probably as likely as any. The one apparently dress outfit that is out of sync is that of the butcher/baker/candle-stick-maker seated at the front. That may lend credence to the statement that it was a fancy dress but he didn't wish to be too fancy!
  • Niall McAuley 3y

    The guy in the middle front seems to be a shopkeeper, or a butcher, or maybe a surgeon?
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    swordscookie is back! Good thinking on Dion Boucicault and similar!
  • Stuart 3y

    Wow - look at that ladder, excellent work. It's very well put together from malleable iron fittings and pipework !
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    Stuart Would such pipework and fittings have been mass-produced at this time, Stu?
  • Stuart 3y

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons Indeed they were. There were quite a number of manufacturers in Britain, but over the past 50 years most have disappeared due to foreign competition with cheaper malleable pipe fittings.

    However, I know of one company that has been producing such pipe fittings for well over a hundred years now - George Fischer Ltd. They are more expensive than most others but the quality of their fittings is second to none with regards to service as well as casting and threads - but then again, good quality sells.

    Forgot to mention - these fittings could also be of wrought iron but wrought iron pipe fittings are very much more costly. Malleable pipe fittings will do well outdoors too.
  • curlytop3 3y

    they look so dramatic and i love these old shots:)
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

  • desmondg47 3y

    Ladder was a fixture (now gone) to provide access to the roof of city hall, Theatre royal complex on the Mall in Waterford.
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    desmondg47 Thanks again for finally nailing down the location of this one for us! Really happy about this...
  • desmondg47 3y

    I uploaded a couple of photos to show this location at present
  • Niall McAuley 3y

    Those are great!

    I can't get in there with Google Streetview, but if you look at the front elevation of the theatre, you can see that the windows are the same as the one in the 1914 shot of the back of the theatre, and desmondg's modern shot.
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    desmondg47 Brilliant! Lovely to see those very distinctive window tops (know fanlights is not the right term because they're not doors, but you know what I mean). And great to see you uploading photos to your stream! :)

    Any why a gryphon/griffin as your profile picture? (If that's not being too nosy?)
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    Niall McAuley They are really lovely, aren't they? Very elegant.
  • desmondg47 3y

    The Griffin is self explanatory really
  • Niall McAuley 3y

    ...said Desmond G

    ...IF that is your real name!

  • desmondg47 3y

    Des Griffin is the real name. I am a board member of Waterford Civic Trust. Interested in history.
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    desmondg47 Lovely to "meet" you, Des Griffin! You have a great website.
  • EmBee's Web 5mo

    Looks like a fun group... "The Pirates of Penzance" would have to have several more men and women. Even with a small production.
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