• This is definitely the chap on the left of the fancy dress group with the Chinese mandarin robes! - swordscookie
  • Anton Mesmer in mufti - HarborIndiana
  • I'm voting for this chap as "Anton Mesmer" from January 10 photo!
  • I think his chin is too pointed - HarborIndiana
  • This might be the Queen Vic wearing black in disguise? - swordscookie
  • If it were a newer photo, I'd say Princess Margaret - HarborIndiana

January 11, 1902

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This is the morning after the night before! Our Pic of the Day for 10 January was a Fancy Dress Ball at Curraghmore House, Portlaw, Co. Waterford. This was the hunt held the next day. At least some of these people may have been in costume in the other photo, and it would be interesting to find them. It's frustrating that for a Poole Collection photo, the quality of this one is not great, so that won't make it easy!

Date: Saturday, 11 January 1902

NLI Ref.: P_WP_0369

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  1. swordscookie 38 months ago | reply

    Don't hold your breath waiting for someone to identify Anton Mesmer in that lot;-)

  2. maorlando God kept us 2014 leaning on Him 2015 38 months ago | reply

    Marvelous vintage capture.... thanks for your
    hard work sharing these wonderful photos
    of Ireland's past... it is very appreciated!!!!

  3. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 38 months ago | reply

    Oh g'wan! You know you love a challenge... :)

  4. swordscookie 38 months ago | reply

    It just shows how clothes maketh the man or woman, these people look nothing like those from the evening before! I actually misplaced my first note and meant to put it where Harborindiana from LA put his one on Anton Mesmer, I think that that is the guy in the Chinese robes with the imitation bald head. Chinese men in that age had to wear pigtails to show that they were not of the ruling Manchu dynasty!

  5. SebastiánRC 36 months ago | reply

    This is 91 years before my birthday, is great to have history, thank you!

  6. suffolkwalsh 34 months ago | reply

    my grandad worked here but he died before i was born. Im struggling to find out anything about him but this picture certainly has made me smile,

  7. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 34 months ago | reply

    Fantastic! Was your grandad indoor or outdoor staff, do you know? We have this fantastic shot of Curraghmore's household staff, circa 1905. (And either way if we made you smile, our work is done!)

  8. Yvonne Thompson 25 months ago | reply

    Marvellous Curraghmore photos! I'd love to go there. My Scots ancestors came to Waterford with Cromwell. They worked on the estate until the mid 1850s. George Thompson, the Marquis's groom, was present when the Marquis was thrown from his horse and died, an event described in the memoirs of the Marchioness

    The next Marquis though horse racing sinful, closed the large stables and the Thompsons were unemployed. They left for New Zealand and Canada soon afterwards.

  9. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 25 months ago | reply

    Thank you, Yvonne. Sad that your ancestors were at the mercy of their employer's beliefs about horses. On the other hand, they might not otherwise have emigrated and set up home and families all over the world - and you might never have been commenting on these photos from Australia! :)

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