January 6, 1908

Very unusual photograph in our Poole Collection. While not taken on 6 January, the copy was executed by Poole on this day in 1908, so feel justified in using it for our Pic of the Day. The copy was ordered by a Mr J. Farrell of Ballyknock, New Ross, Co. Wexford.


We're presuming that it's relatives of the Farrell family who had emigrated to America...


As always with unknown locations, would dearly love to know where this photo was taken, but especially so that we could make landfall on the U.S. with our NLI Flickr Commons map!


Date: 6 January 1908 (date copy made)


NLI Ref.: P_WP_1752

  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 2y

    James Morley Hi James, and thanks for taking a special interest in this one! What we have is definitely a glass plate negative...

    And we do have other copies that Poole made of earlier images, or of scenes in "foreign parts".
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 2y

    EastMarple1 Excellent, thank you very much!
  • EastMarple1 2y

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons Only thing that concerns me is whether I have the correct Ballyknock.. Mine is in Co. Killkenny. Apologies but my knowledge of geography of Ireland is not that brilliant.
  • EastMarple1 2y

    Plus extra info... James FARRELL of Ballyknock, Kilkenny was a farmer. Perhaps a sibling emigrated who was also a farmer.
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 2y

    EastMarple1 Had a bit of an explore on Google Maps and I'm getting the same general area come up whether I search for Ballyknock in Co. Kilkenny or Ballyknock near New Ross in Co. Wexford. I think Ballyknock may be on/near the Kilkenny/Wexford border?
  • James Morley 2y

    Thanks both for picking up on this - it sounds like we might have our J Farrell. And more excitingly it does seem to link with my Wisconsin suggestion above. Let me piece together my research and post something in a minute. For once one of my hunches may prove to be right!
  • EastMarple1 2y

    And I'll throw in a suggestion in the meantime. At the time of the 1911 census when James Farrell was 40 years old, he and his wife had only been married for 6 years, daughters ages 4, 3 and less. Given that he was that age before he married and a farmer I wonder if he could emigrated to the USA several years earlier (I cannot as yet find him on the 1901 census) , possibly married and had a family out there, things didn't work out etc and he returned to Ireland married and had a family. If the photo is a copy it was requested perhaps to remind himself of his time abroad? Just a thought.
  • James Morley 2y

    Hmmm, maybe my hunch wasn't correct. The Wisconsin connection was a Bridget Farrell (b1833) who married a Michael Ryan (b1822), so another Farrell/Ryan partnership. Both were born in Wexford, Michael actually in New Ross. They married in St Louis, Missouri in 1852. But I have yet to find any evidence that Bridget is related to James, even though there are some quite comprehensive family trees on Ancestry that I had hoped would help. I was especially looking for any siblings of Bridget who may have stayed in Ireland, especially if they had a child called James! I have found an email address though for someone who has researched Bridget's family so I've sent the link to them.
  • James Morley 2y

    Hold on, just as I was about to leave it, I've found that Bridget had a daughter called Johanna in 1862.

    In 1900 Johanna is living at Eau Galle Town, St. Croix, Wisconsin with "children Willie [possibly Nellie - see next entry] age 7, Agnes age 5, Sylvester age 3 and Evangelina age 1. Household Members: John B McGinley age 37, his wife Joan age 35"

    In 1905 she's still at Eau Galle, St Croix, Wisconsin, with "children Nellie age 12, Agnes age 10, Sylvester age 8, Evangeline age 6, Stasia age 3 and Ketherine age 1.; Household Members: Jno B McGinley age 42, his wife Johanna age 39"

    All of this is from trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/19495798/person/810900612

    What is strange is that there is no mention of a husband/father of the children, although in 1910 there's the rather curious entry "Household Members: John B McGinley age 48, his wife James (s/b Joanna) age 48". Had James left as EastMarple1 suggests?

    It seems not too great a leap of faith (though that is all it is) to suggest that the image could have been taken about 1901 and shows James and Johanna with Nellie, Agnes and Sylvester, and could that even be John McGinley on the carriage?

    EDIT: if James and Johanna were only married in 1905, where does this leave us? If the Johanna is one and the same then she had had three children in the US, possibly with another father given that he is not mentioned, but then came back to Ireland without them. Somehow I'm thinking it's not quite as simple as my hypothesis!
  • James Morley 2y

    Where next? Shipping records for James Farrell? Local history people in Eau Galle? Trying to trace records for the various children?
  • Brendan 2y

    One of the family trees for this family on ancestry.com has family photos. One especially where everyone looks to be close to the same ages in the Poole photo:

    What do you think?
  • EastMarple1 2y

    Note that at time of 1911 census Johanna was only 36 years old.
  • James Morley 2y

    EastMarple1 Oops, that was something I should have spotted straight away!
  • James Morley 2y

    Brendan Thanks, which family tree is this from?
  • EastMarple1 2y

    Going back to the 1911 census it looks like Johanna's maiden surname may have initially been added (first two letters only) then crossed out to be replaced with FARRELL. The two letters were "HO"
    Daughter Statia was really Anastasia. Believe Mary Jane was actually Mary Johanna and mistranscribed. Mary Johanna ties in with the civil registration of a birth in New Ross for applicable date.
  • corypaton 2y

    This is the picture I have of John McGinley and Johanna Ryan on their wedding day... They would be my Great Grand Uncle and Aunt, I do believe.
    Well, it won't post... But I do have more relative pictures. Also, I am going to pass this on to two other McGinley's that have much more knowledge about the family than I do.... So interesting...
  • corypaton 2y

    If this is John and Johanna Ryan McGinley, they would be my Great Grand Aunt and Uncle. I will pass this information on to two much for informed relatives..
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 2y

    corypaton Hello there! Will wait for you to come back to us then, but I'm a little puzzled - this is in your family as a wedding photo?
  • swordscookie 2y

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons Ah Carol keep up - corypaton says the shot did not post so you could not see it:-(((((
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 2y

    swordscookie D'oh! Thought corypaton meant our photo - off to drink some coffee, hopefully that'll render me less stupid...
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