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Nineteen minutes past 11 o'clock

Love when our photos clearly show the time, and that's the case with this great capture of St. Patrick's Hill in Cork City...


Thanks to guliolopez who did so much work on Barriscale's Jewellers and Watchmakers at no. 5 Bridge Street, whose lovely clock shows to great effect in this photo. Read all about them below.


Really lovely also to hear from achesonblog that the business at no. 4, William McNay, was his great great grandfather's. William lived from 1835 to 1916. McNay's was a boot shop, and remained in the family until the 1940s.


Delighted to hear from Barriscalefamily who said:

"My Great grandfather was William Barriscale who owned the shop and I believe it stayed open until the early 1940's. I have tried to find where the clock went as far as I can ascertain it was donated to the African missions and is lost. Richard emigrated to Canada and continued to work their as an optician."


We were absolutely delighted also to hear from grantlandon who said:

"My family owned Landons Printing Works and Book Factory which was at number 16 from at least 1845 up until some time in the 60s I think. Some of you might even remember it."


Date: Circa 1900


NLI Ref.: L_CAB_00814

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Taken circa 1900