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A little unseasonal to be adding a beach scene in October, but this is a nice shot from our Tempest Collection (all photos taken around Co. Louth). Our metadata for this photo tells us that it is "A mother and her son Trevor, filling a bag with sand on a beach".


It's a shame that we don't have the mother's name, yet...


However, rafferr contributed the following really useful information: "This photograph is of the photographer's mother and brother. The boy is called Trevor Tempest and his father (William Tempest) was originally from Rostrevor in Co Down (probably called Trevor after Rostrevor) and relocated to Dundalk sometime in the late 1800's. The photographer is called Harry (Henry) Tempest (brother of Trevor) and the photograph was probably taken at Blackrock Co. Louth in the early 1900's or some time before. The Tempest family were a well known family in Dundalk."


Thanks to Jennigal923 for giving us more detail on this mother and son. They were Jane Emily Tempest, née Backhouse, aged about 46. The boy is Trevor Tempest, but he was christened William Caxton Tempest, and would have been aged about 5 in this photo. And Jennigal923 also unearthed great information on this little boy who grew up to swap his sailor suit for the uniform of a Lieutenant in WWI. By that time, William Tempest Senior was a J.P. or Justice of the Peace.


Also interesting that they'd be in a lot of trouble nowadays for taking sand from a beach! Wonder what they wanted it for?


Date: Circa 1904


NLI Ref.: TEM 43

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Taken circa 1904