Travellers' Decorated Caravan

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Family in their decorated caravan en route to the Cahirmee Horse Fair at Buttevant, Co. Cork.

Thanks to Frank Fullard for letting us know that "the fair of Cahirmee (which is now actually held in Buttevant) is still going strong and the members of the travelling community are still as much a part of it as ever." In fact, Frank took some great photos at the Fair in 2011...

Date: July 1954

NLI Ref.: WIL m12[54]

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  1. CameraGirlUSA 17 months ago | reply

    On a small scale I relate to these travelers and their lifestyle. My own ancestors were with the USA railroads. They ran a railroad car cafe and traveled where ever was needed for them to go. My husband always says that I get my traveling spirit honest from them. His own family came to the USA from Germany so they too traveled far before they settled. For the last twelve years we have full-time caravaned and love the freedom and lifestyle of movement at will. There is something to be said for the trade off of the comforts of a real house but not enought to ever get me to move into a house again. We rather like rolling down the roads, always something to do or to see that's new.

  2. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 17 months ago | reply

    "Rolling down the road" sounds great! Probably not a lifestyle for everyone, though? It was obviously in your blood from your railroad ancestors. :)

  3. mazurka666 17 months ago | reply

    An amazing image from time past!

  4. Gerris2 16 months ago | reply

    Great shot! Not a cell phone in sight.

  5. Carine06 16 months ago | reply

    A great piece of history.

  6. Evaschiesp 12 months ago | reply


  7. larryball31 11 months ago | reply

    A great old shot of how something so simple as a wagon looks terrific with a personal touch!

  8. Snappy Larry 10 months ago | reply

    SupraSamus, interesting comment. Not sure I see any comments here which suggest that they "expect others to live in abject poverty purely for their enjoyment". Maybe I am not scrolling far enough back.

  9. rhodesd74 [deleted] 10 months ago | reply

    like it

  10. Howard Somerville 8 months ago | reply

    Begorrah and bejeeves! Wonderful times and a wonderful life, to be sure..

  11. thebaz_dublin 6 months ago | reply

    wonderful image

  12. EdZiomek 5 months ago | reply

    Absolutely wonderful, throwback in time. The priceless value of a photographic image!

  13. Bitofapilchard 4 months ago | reply

    A wonderful image. My mother-in-law was born in a vardo like this.

  14. Ace31_2010 3 months ago | reply

    Nice looking b&w.

  15. steelerdave891 2 months ago | reply

    Very nice, the lady in the front standing on the left is a Beauty

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