Devil's Glen Waterfall, Co. Wicklow

Date: Circa 1875


NLI Ref.: STP_0017

  • Alejandro Matos 4y

    it would be awesome to see a recent picture from the same spot to compare (if anything has changed, of course...)
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 4y

    Well, first it'd be lovely to know which of Wicklow's many waterfalls this is - so if any of you recognise it, you know the drill...
  • EnniskerryHistory 4y

    I think it could be the Devil's Glen Waterfall in Wicklow, squashed vertically a bit for the stereo effect?
    Compare it with this photo in the NLI catalogue: The big rock at the top of the waterfall on the right gives it away.

    There are lots of other photos - e.g. old postcards and someone has even made a video of the waterfall from top to bottom (with a lot more water), you can see the pool at the end!
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 4y

    You are absolutely right! Feel a bit d'oh now as we had such a good image in our own collections - lack of time, I'm afraid! And this definitely is Devil's Glen Waterfall. This image shows exactly the same striations in the rocks to left of the fall. Thanks a million!

    Now can you work your EnniskerryHistory magic with the map? I've added it vaguely in the correct vicinity (or maybe not!), but would like to place it more precisely...
  • EnniskerryHistory 4y

    Can't believe you don't know all your photos off by heart :)
    My trusty OSi Discovery 56 marks a waterfall on the Varty river at (ahem, adjusting my eyes a little) 53 deg 01.5' - 6deg 11', so basically just a bit north of where you have it, north of the R763, on the river.
    It's a really great photo, must look great in stereo. I love the 'smooth' effect the water has.

  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 4y

    Michael, have moved location north! This could end up like picture moving in a house - "up a bit, left a bit" :D
    Are we a little closer?
  • EnniskerryHistory 4y

    You're in the Goldilocks zone! Not too far north, not too far south - just right!

    Thanks for sharing - loving The Commons photos - just discovering them now. I'll have to go for a ramble down that way soon.
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 4y

    Well, without risking life and limb, you should scale the rocks and try for a Flash from the Past shot...
    And don't forget our other Flickr stream, the Uncommons one:
    Challenging Reading Lessons by National Library of Ireland
    >> this is a lovely reading lesson from John Synge's ( grandfather of J.M. Synge) Glanmore Estate in Wicklow!
  • EnniskerryHistory 4y

    Here's what the Dublin Penny Journal had to say about the Devil's Glen waterfall in their article in 1834 "A Three Days' Ramble in the County of Wicklow". Not much else to add except: jolly ho!

    One thing delighted me greatly ;-this was the first mountain stream deserving the name, that I had seen in Ireland : and the heart-stirring sound of the waters was music to my spirits... in this romantic glen, we have nature in her energies, triumphing over the tame efforts of art; vast jutting rocks, that seem self-supported; trees shooting their green heads into the air, where you see no earth to support their roots; and the river below foaming, and singing, and dashing on its way, as in scorn of the rocks that would impede its progress. At the head of the glen, there is a waterfall of one hundred feet high, which, as it shoots its whole length in one unbroken jet, produces a grand effect.

    PS - Thanks for Synge link!
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 4y

    How lovely! "... the river below foaming, and singing, and dashing on its way..."

    And there's a whole set of various reading lessons from Synge's Glanmore Estate in our Ephemera Department! Just sayin'
  • MKSeery 3y

    A modern view:
    Devil's Glen, Wicklow by MKSeery
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    MKSeery Thanks for scaling the rocks to get this modern view!
  • MKSeery 3y

    National Library of Ireland on The Commons Very welcome, but all credit, rock-scaling included, goes to The Mother!
  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons 3y

    MKSeery Oh, they breed Mammies hardy in Wickla! :D
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