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RGB 5.0 | by Noel Kerns
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RGB 5.0

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2nd floor landing and stairwell, abandoned DLP Rehearsal Studios, Dallas, Texas.


Alternate Title: "She's Got Legs" (with apologies to ZZ Top)

Alternate Title #2: "Mannequins, 50% off!"

Alternate Title #3: "My Half Sister" (Thanks Mojavegirl!)


Camera position for this shot is almost directly above the one for this shot.


This is an interesting little place; a long, two-story building with a half-sunken basement in what is now a really rough industrial neighborhood, it had obviously in it's past at one point been used by a company called Austin Industries, based on the reams of files and cancelled checks found in several of the rooms. At some point a few years ago though, it had been repurposed as a band rehearsal studio complex, and throughout the building there were posters, handbills, and flyers to that effect. Interestingly, when I found out about this abandonment, I thought that it sounded like a place I had rehearsed with a band several years earlier (I’m a musician when I’m not photographing), and sure enough, it was! It was interesting to see it again, abandoned, in total darkness, and trashed beyond recognition.


Here's an aerial view if you're interested in how it looks externally.


The east end of the basement was under a few inches of water from a broken pipe that was leaking at a pretty good rate; frankly, I was surprised the water was still on, as the place had obviously not been used in some time and had been scavenged and trashed by vandals and appeared to be the home of a few homeless folks from time to time...fortunately not while Phil and I were there though.


It took quite a while for us to explore the whole place; 3 floors with lots of little rooms on each side of the long hallway, most of which were filled with some sort of trash of one sort or another; a bass drum case here, a mannequin there, a tacky guitar-clock here...lots to see! So the extended exploration coupled with technical difficulties we were both experiencing that night really cut down on our photo ops.


This is a place I wouldn't want to go back to without a mask or respirator of some sort; there's basically zero ventilation, as all the windows and doors are boarded up (well, except for one!), and with all the trash, water mildew, residue, possibly asbestos and who knows what seemed like a good place to develop some respiratory issues.


Night, very, very slight amount of ambient sodium through the block glass window, blue, green, and red-gelled strobes, LED flashlight and mini-maglite. White-balanced at 2500K.

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Taken on March 4, 2008