Simca Coupe 1000 Bertone and 1200S
Simca Coupe 1000 Bertone, 1963 - 1967 and Simca 1200S, 1968 - 1973.

The Simca Coupe 1000 by Bertone was based on stock Simca 1000 sedan chassis and drivetrain, but with a swoopy coupe body by Bertone. Bertone was busy in those days. It always had the rather low powered, 52hp, 944cc engine of the Simca 1000 in the rear and was rather expensive. About $2,600 in the USA, about a thousand dollars more than the 1000 sedan.
For 1968, the Coupe 1000 was replaced by the 1200S. The styling of the front end was only slightly altered, to facilitate moving the radiator up to the front of the car, under the front bumper. But the restyle was gorgeous and effective, the 1200S was, finally, a sporty car. It featured a 1204cc, 80hp engine and could reach a top speed of about 108mph (vs about 87mph for the Coupe 1000).
By 1973, the 1200S was replaced by the car designed and built by Matra, since they now belonged to Simca: The Matra-Simca Bagheera.
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