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    1. Pighood 55 months ago | reply

      WOW...TRILLIONS of attendees saving Mother Gaia! YES WE CAN!!!

    2. chuckharding53 55 months ago | reply

      They may have Photoshopped some of those people in - can anyone get an extreme close-up so people can look for obvious copies of people?

    3. George Bentley 55 months ago | reply

      did you notice how everybody is on the left side, the side that the cameras show.

    4. macman237 55 months ago | reply

      those bums are there every day. want to see the crowd size increase twenty-fold? Tell them their Government checks are in early ;) LMFAO
      BIGGER Government=BIGGER CHECKS Right? /sarcasm

    5. Tea Party John 55 months ago | reply

      This has to be an earth shaking crowd. Could you imagine having to listen to Dead Schultz? I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the crowd size now. But then again facts and photo proof does get in their way. Just goes to show America does not want to be communist, socialist, nor regressive. I cannot call them progressives. Call them regressives to their face and they just melt or go violent and I like both reactions. Go Jerry Brown in CA, only so they can finish their left wing slide into the abyss. Give it back to Mexico and build the wall to keep those moonbats out of real America. Let the experiment begin.

    6. henrycate75 55 months ago | reply

      George Bentley: A quick glance seems to show me that the left side is also the shady side? Maybe it's not a plot? :-) But it's a small crowd, no matter how it's arranged.

    7. icechar 55 months ago | reply

      Look's like an average sunny day's worth of tourist.lofl :P

    8. bmcgann1 55 months ago | reply

      This photo was taken just as the event was starting. Who shows up for the warm up act?

    9. Trubbaman1 55 months ago | reply

      Shadows indicate this photo was taken just prior to noon. This was before the beginning of the actual rally. Are there any photos from when it was in full swing? Let's be fair.

    10. Hankmeister1 55 months ago | reply

      This picture wasn't taken "just as the event was starting." Look at the shadows, it has to be around noon to one o'clock PM if I understand the north-south orientation. Besides, there were photos taken of the Beck rally before the official start time and there were five times as many people. Just comparing apples with apples here. bmcgann1, if there are other aerial photos taken of the event that showed more substantial numbers, put your money where your keyboard is and give us a link. But don't be like the dishonest national socialist media and get pictures of the Beck or Tea Party rally and try to pass them off as the One Nation backyard BBQ event.

      IMO, if this event actually had 50,000 barking moonbats pretending to be the "one nation" mainstream, then photographic comparison would yield the conclusion both the Beck rally and the earlier Tea Party rally had a million attendees each. Just sayin'.

      I wish the national socialist media would quit inflating the numbers of this rally in light of the fact the same media liars clearly underestimated the 400,000 that actually attended the Beck rally.

      I guess left-wing organizers weren't offering enough pot or beer to all the union thugs who were ordered by their union bosses to show up or else ...

    11. indyattic 55 months ago | reply

      This picture was taken at 12:04 p.m.

      That's the time stamped into the data, and the shadows verify it.

    12. Trubbaman1 55 months ago | reply

      Can you really even compare this in any meaningful way to Beck's rally?
      1) This photo was taken at the opening minutes of the rally, not when it was underway. Where are more realistic photos, timewise?
      2) Fox was advertising heavily for this event for half a year before it happened.
      3) The OneNation rally was only organized one month ahead of the rally, with no big media promoting it. (Even NPR was talking about the Beck rally before it got going. I
      heard exactly ONE mention of the OneNation rally in mainstream media - NPR.)
      4) Beck's rally took place on the last weekend in summer (with great weather!) when people on vacation could most easily travel before Labor Day.
      5) The OneNation rally took place on a cool day in October, when many natural constituents would be unavailable (e.g., college students, who tend to be more liberal, were in school).
      6) This rally's attendance might have been substantially diminished due to the liberal Stewart/Colbert rally coming in a couple weeks in the same location. How many people who are useful members of society can afford to travel twice - or would even want to - in order to attend both events? Naturally, I don't expect any Tea Partiers had any anguish about which rally to attend.

      In conclusion, we aren't talking about Apples to Apples, but more like apples to basketballs. Besides, numbers in the thousands or even millions attending a rally do not necessarily mean anything. Take this example: Before the Iraq war, on one day there were over a million people protesting the invasion on the streets in NYC, and many millions more around the world, including DC. Did that result in any change in policy? You are delusional if you think a couple thousand people one way or the other at these rallies signals some sort of upsetting change!

    13. Linux Beach 55 months ago | reply

      I just copied your comment to my DailyKos diary
      Dueling Rallys: How Fake News is Done!

    14. billybob8686 55 months ago | reply

      "On Feb. 15, 2003, between 375,000 and 500,000 people jammed 40 blocks of Manhattan to protest impending war."
      "On the three-year anniversary of the war's start, and according to press reports, tens of thousands of people around the world took to the streets to protest. In New York's Times Square, the number was estimated at 1,000. In Chicago, 7,000 people turned out." ~The Christian Science Monitor / March 22, 2006

      Let's compare the rallies' implications on Nov 3rd.
      Nice camera!

    15. indyattic 55 months ago | reply

      Why are the anti-war protesters still hanging out with the Democrats?

    16. pgrace_lookoutranch 55 months ago | reply

      Assuming the 87,000 figure for the Beck rally is close to correct, and that the aerial photo from the beck rally was taken about the same time before the rally as this photo, this looks like 30,000 people at most.

      But there are several assumptions that could be wrong.

    17. George Bentley 55 months ago | reply

      The time stamp is wrong if you look at the TV screen the woman speaking started at 12:30 Not sure how long she spoke but the picture was taken no early than 12:30.

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