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optimum for SSC '10

here's my entry for screenshot competition '10 over at pixelfuckers, which i ended up winning :)


i don't think i spent too much time on it this year.


if you like it, please consider signing up at pixelfuckers and rating it 100! you can see all of the contest entries here.


operating system - windows xp sp2

visual style - deep mod of area o4 by heylove

litestep - me, built on top of this theme

wallpaper - from iamfreeman's 'black background' set, i brightened it a little

icons - blank

firefox - custom theme, userchrome.css, & start page

mirc - running nnscript, theme by me

resource hacks - explorer menu bar, notepad

miranda - clist_classic, srmm_mite, icons by me

zeed image viewer - image from this post over at stax&cane

other apps - y'z shadow, runboxxx

fonts - helvetica condensed, blank


the widgets are all done with samurize. i have them each running as a separate instance so they can all be hidden/shown with a different hotkey. it's actually surprisingly light.


thanks to kody, sang, & everyone in #pixelfuckers who helped with stuff like the litestep and nnscript. good luck to all other competitors!


you can view this on deviantart as well :)


it's also been featured on lifehacker!

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Taken on June 23, 2010