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    not much new here, just wanted to show the ultra-comfy theme I've been running since I finally switched to litestep.

    visual style - windows classic, 3dcc by me
    icons - gnome from the tango patcher
    wallpaper - 'renew' from the nature details pack
    litestep - blend of zero by jive (kareem) and a theme he started for me based on this mockup
    firefox - tiny menu, titlebartweaks, custom userchrome.css, custom theme
    start page - my mod of twelve by noka
    applications - zeed image viewer (reshacked), pidgin, mirc, y'z shadow, qttabbar
    font - lucida grande

    fullsize view

    you can download the 3dcc theme here.

    EDIT: the 3dcc theme should work now. apparently the file hosting site i used corrupted the file, so i protected it by putting it in a zip.

    breakdown of the litestep theme:
    -the icons in the upper right represent my taskbar. each of the icons behaves exactly like an XP/Vista task on the taskbar.
    -a double left click on the clock in upper left corner opens the date and time properties dialog window.
    -the winamp now playing text stays gray until mouseover, when it turns white. a single left click on the text goes one song back on the playlist, and a single right click goes one song forward. a middle click plays/pauses the current song. a double left click hides/shows the winamp player itself.
    -the system tray is hidden in this screenshot, but can be shown with a hotkey. it's also draggable, so i can put it anywhere i need it.

    other locations:

    featured at lifehacker!

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    1. deltaromeo 68 months ago | reply

      Mind sharing how you used reshack to make Zeed look like that?

    2. nitzua 68 months ago | reply

      @deltaromeo: if i remember correctly, all i did was hack out the icon and replace it with a blank one. it was awhile back though. it may have never even had an icon in the first place. as far as the rest of the changes, most of the program is written in japanese, so it's tough to navigate the menus and hide things that way, but i ultimately ended up openign the configuration settings file (which is in english) and set the 'MENU' value to 0 to hide the menu.

    3. deltaromeo 68 months ago | reply

      Never thought to look for a configuration file (guess since the program is Japanese). Setting the MENU value to 0 was all it took. Thanks.

    4. xethposts 67 months ago | reply

      would you mind sharing the Litestep theme Jive started for me?

    5. +mlsmith+ [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      This is very nice. I also recommend that you just use something like Crunchbang Linux (crunchbanglinux.org/) since the programs that you use (Pidgin, Firefox, etc.) are available in Linux. Plus Openbox accomplishes what you have done here with Litestep. Just a thought. :-)

    6. nitzua 67 months ago | reply

      @xethposts: I may end up formally releasing the theme, if I can fix a small bug with the position of the taskbar buttons.

    7. xethposts 67 months ago | reply

      i meant fo YOU, not for ME. sorry.

      and thanks. anyway, what's the bug?

    8. nitzua 67 months ago | reply

      @xethposts: for whatever reason, when all tasks are closed and a new one is opened, the position of the button slides to right. it's quickly corrected with a quick refresh, but i want to get it fixed permanently before a public release.

    9. TheDeathOfHell 67 months ago | reply

      It seems that when I try to apply the 3dcc theme, the error comes up that:

      '' is not a valid integer value.

      Just letting you know that it might not work for some people, if I get it to work I'll tell ya.

      Oh and, great desktop setup. Truly beautiful!

      EDIT: I deleted line 33 from your file, it was blank, and suddenly it worked. I'm not sure if it did anything to the file, but it works!

    10. nitzua 67 months ago | reply

      I'm not sure why the 3DCC theme isn't working for some people. I've never released one before, so your guess is as good as mine. Make sure you have the most recent version of the program installed, but other than that I don't know what to do about it.

    11. asanguinet 67 months ago | reply

      the 3DCC is borked for me too.

    12. nitzua 67 months ago | reply

      @asanguinet: did you put it in your 3DCC folder, open the program, and try to apply it within the program, or just double click the theme itself?

    13. dk01.org 67 months ago | reply

      3dcc doesn't work for me either. I've tried loading it from the program files directory and also just double clicking it. Can you release a zip containing the file? Maybe some of the data is getting corrupted by the uploader you used. It seems that the file is just text data which is easily corrupted if it isn't zipped.

    14. dk01.org 67 months ago | reply

      Found a fix.

      Open the 3dcc file in Notepad++ (worked for me) or some other text editor and delete the empty lines at the bottom of the file. Save the file. It seems that somewhere in the upload/download some blank lines were added which causes 3D CC to get angry. As soon as you delete these lines the file will start working immediately.

      I'd zip any 3DC files in the future. Thanks again nitzua. Really good stuff.

    15. asanguinet 67 months ago | reply

      i can confirm dk01.org's fix. works fine now, thanks!

    16. nitzua 67 months ago | reply

      @dk01.org: thanks for the fix mate. i'll reupload a zipped version soon.

    17. dk01.org 67 months ago | reply

      I have everything working except LiteStep. Would you consider posting steps to how you configured it?

    18. nitzua 67 months ago | reply

      what are you having problems with?

    19. naaamo2004 67 months ago | reply

      great work, man!! just the style i like

    20. YBoris 66 months ago | reply

      c'mon ... release it :)

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