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not much new here, just wanted to show the ultra-comfy theme I've been running since I finally switched to litestep.


visual style - windows classic, 3dcc by me

icons - gnome from the tango patcher

wallpaper - 'renew' from the nature details pack

litestep - blend of zero by jive (kareem) and a theme he started for me based on this mockup

firefox - tiny menu, titlebartweaks, custom userchrome.css, custom theme

start page - my mod of twelve by noka

applications - zeed image viewer (reshacked), pidgin, mirc, y'z shadow, qttabbar

font - lucida grande


fullsize view


you can download the 3dcc theme here.


EDIT: the 3dcc theme should work now. apparently the file hosting site i used corrupted the file, so i protected it by putting it in a zip.


breakdown of the litestep theme:

-the icons in the upper right represent my taskbar. each of the icons behaves exactly like an XP/Vista task on the taskbar.

-a double left click on the clock in upper left corner opens the date and time properties dialog window.

-the winamp now playing text stays gray until mouseover, when it turns white. a single left click on the text goes one song back on the playlist, and a single right click goes one song forward. a middle click plays/pauses the current song. a double left click hides/shows the winamp player itself.

-the system tray is hidden in this screenshot, but can be shown with a hotkey. it's also draggable, so i can put it anywhere i need it.


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