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Dinosaurs, Gandalf! Dinosaurs!

So yeah I guess I'm like 19 now.


Although I have Gandalf riding a triceratops and fighting a giant spider, so I'm really something like 8.




Anyway, my bro surprised me when he brought me two packages which contained Gandalf arrives and Shelob's ambush. I hadn't talked much about Lord of the Rings, at all, but somehow he knew that I really wanted these sets. Heh. Those kind of presents are the best.


Small reviews are in order I guess: First up, minifigures. The LotR minifigures are great. They have high detail and excellent expressions, plus a load of new and highly useful hairstyles, hats, cloaks and weapons. and oooohhhh that ring! The sets themselves are also really neat. Gandalf's cart looks excellent and very much like its movie-counterpart, and Shelob is one nicely designed spider. Plus both these sets are quite compact yet have a load of amazingly useful parts. The guys at LEGO nailed it with these. and how. (The triceratops is also real fucking awesome)




In other news, still kind of builder's blocking, although I do have a new WIP running (which is hidden in the background of this photo, I guess). And I hope to get something done again soon. Not giving in to that dark age just yet!

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Taken on September 20, 2012