Beat Parade Belfast June 2007 - Louis McCullagh
This will be a part of "The Northern Family" Folio IV. This Folio will cover street events including the Twelfth Processions, Junior Orange Lodge, St. Patrick's Day-Downpatrick, Lord Mayor's Show and other street processions which are regular events in N.Ireland.

More information on "The Northern Family" is given here:- make no money from this project. It is an attempt to build an exhibition of photographs which will show a new face of N.Ireland.

In time as my photography continues the various sections will show a broad cross section of all the people of N.Ireland from ALL communities.

If you enjoy these photos reflect on which ones would interest, puzzle or entertain someone from another country eg Japan or USA or Spain.

I would be delighted to hear which are your top 3 or 5 in each of the sets shown here in THE NORTHERN FAMILY.

Feel free to suggest other events/people etc. that you think I should phiotograph.

Please do pass this site on to others either here in N.Ireland or anywhere around the world.
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