• *ninjapoodles seal of approval*
  • Cleanest grocery store ever.
  • more snack cakes here--who is buying all these snack-cakes?

Guess what my child made a beeline for at the grocery store?

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She took off like a shot for this shelf, and I was already preparing my "no sugar" speech, but what did she grasp and hug to her like treasure? Thomas whole-grain Bagel Bread. We got some. It's GOOD.

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  1. leahpeah 95 months ago | reply

    you really can't go wrong with thomas' bagel bread.

  2. ninjapoodles 95 months ago | reply

    Holy cow, it is good stuff! I did not know about it until Bella found it.

  3. thejennui 95 months ago | reply

    OHMYGOD I have never seen a snack shelf that like. You Americans sure know how to do things in a big way. I love donettes. We can't get them here.

  4. ninjapoodles 95 months ago | reply

    This was only a small center-aisle display. The actual junk-food/snack-cake aisle is OBSCENE. It's a regional thing, as we are one of, if not the, fattest states in the nation. It's remarkable when you go into a grocery store in, say, Colorado, and see the abundance of healthier foods and dearth of this kind of garbage.

    And yes, I could always eat an entire bag of powdered-sugar donuts, almost without chewing. They just dissolve into sugary goodness in your mouth. Dangit.

  5. judy blanco 95 months ago | reply

    awww bagels! good girl! i don't like powdered sugar much but the little chocolate covered donuts..... omg! that is where it's at :O

  6. styro 95 months ago | reply

    Man, your Kroger is nice. Our krogers are all dim and have terrible produce and there are gangsters waiting to knife you in the chips-and-soda aisle.

  7. rescuechick [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

    mmmm, my favorite part of the store!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  8. ninjapoodles 95 months ago | reply

    Our Kroger stores are definitely the "high-end" grocery stores in the area, and this particular one is new, and HUGE. And it's got that sneaky new design that spreads things out so that you have to go from one corner of the store to the other to get the necessities like bread and milk, and you wind up buying things like garlic/artichoke hummus.

  9. ninjapoodles 95 months ago | reply

    "...there are gangsters waiting to knife you in the chips-and-soda aisle."

    Gonna take me a minute to recover from that one. Please start a new blog, even if it's only for stuff like that.

  10. styro 95 months ago | reply

    Allz i gots is the vox: styro.vox.com

  11. applebox 82 months ago | reply

    Please post in i love the grocery store!. We'd love to have your photo added to the group. :)

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