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Delta Airlines --> I fucking hate you

++ POP QUIZ ++


Take a look at this ticket and try your hardest to figure out what company this ticket is for.


..... *que jeopardy music* ....


So if you went to the delta airlines counter you would have realized that you just pissed away 20 minutes waiting in line while the woman at the delta airlines counter implied that you were a total fuckwit for getting in the wrong line. Look in the green box in the middle near the number that says 1179, do you see the 'UA' that should have told you that it was a UNITED AIRLINES flight. duh. Then you would probably go wait in line for another 20 minutes at UA only to have them berate you for not realizing you should be in the "international layover line" on the other side of the fucking terminal. hmmm, you're flight boards in 20 minutes. Luckily you don't have a problem with cutting in line.


so I was thinking...why not give people several big confusing pieces of paper with lots of useless, impractical, hard to read information on it.

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Taken on December 14, 2006