"A Circle of Happiness"
A Somewhere exhibition by Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie at the Martello Tower in Jaywick, Essex.

16th of September to 4th of October 2009


The show is part of "Jaywick Escapes" where we're working with the landscape architecture and arts development teams at Essex County Council to come up with new ways to imagine the green spaces in and around this unique Essex coastal resort.

The exhibition explores some of our ideas for the wider project by working with both native plants and classic 'garden escapes' in and around the tower. It is quite an experiment for us, but hopefully more expressive than showing a load of scale drawings!

We also worked with Frobisher school children and local adults to make a collection of miniature gardens and collaborated with a local flower arranging group on the floral displays which again combine 'wild' and 'cultivated' plants.
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