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7 Things I Hate About Haters

Miley Ray Cyrus. That name seems to spark alot of controversey and I'm not sure why. You are either a huge fan of Miss. Cyrus or you hate her. There is no in between. In the past few months Miley has been dressing and acting as many of you think as "slutty". I am writing this to express my opinion on a 7 of the things (xD) that people do concerning Miley that really piss me the eff off. 1. You: "She is such a slut" This makes me so mad. If you were smart you would know the defintion of slut is a girl who sleeps with alot of men. Now, do you know Mileys sex life? Do you know that she's even HAD sex? How in your right mind do you have any backup to your statement of Miley being a slut? It ticks me off that this is one of the most used phrases when talking about a 17 year old pop star. 2. You: "She dresses like a skank" In your opinion? Yes maybe Miley does dress like a skank IN YOUR OPINION. so tell me? Have you ever worn shorts? How about a tank top? Oh and after you wore it did you ever have people calling you a skank? People who don't even know you. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER. Girls alot younger than Miley are wearing the SAME thing, maybe even worse and she has to take the blame. Miley can wear whatever she wants, she can wear shorts and a tank top and shouldn't have to worry about being criticzed for it. 3. You: "Shes a bad role model" Miley has stated, SHE DOESNT WANT TO BE A ROLE MODEL. she doesn't want to be known as that little girl from Hannah Montana. Miley is her own individual and she didn't SET out to be a role model. The things she does, she does because it makes her happy. Not for 4 year olds who don't even know what shaking your butt is. 4. You: "Shes ugly" Look in the fuckin mirror, bitch. 5. You: "Shes talentless" Oh really? If I do recall her albums have sold millions across the country. All of her albums have gone platnium and she's headlined her own tour TWICE. She was ASKED to be in a movie and she has her own tv show. Yep. All that could happen with no talent. 6. You; "She danced on a pole" She never danced on the damn pole. It was a prop. Call it racy. Whatever. Miley is growing up, she's not 13 anymore. She's almost an adult. She can do what she wants and say what she wants. People need to realize she is growing up and isn't gonna be an innocent little teenager forever. 7. You; "Selenas better" Your opinion. Don't compare the two. They are completely different people. Credit ~ turn right.

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Taken on May 5, 2010