Sticky toffee pudding for tomorrow's pudding club. Two toffee sauces for assembly.

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    1. The Pudding Club 92 months ago | reply

      I should just point out that this image is NOT from The Pudding Club - which is in Mickleton & owns the Trade Mark. Please don't use our name.

    2. jonxyz 92 months ago | reply

      Simon Coombe How utterly graceless. Idiots.

    3. dr_nick 92 months ago | reply

      There was no mention of The Pudding Club (TM), merely a pudding club - you cannot possibly OWN the phrase "pudding club" or expect to reasonably prohibit the use of those two words together in a sentence!

      Perhaps you should concentrate on your own business and not spoiling the fun of private citizens who want to get together and cook each other nice food!

      Something you could turn your attention to might include not making spurious and misleading statements on your website like "increase your chances of winning the lottery by attending pudding club" - the fact that the lottery winning couple visited your event the same day they won the lottery is no less of a coincidence than that they probably opened their bowels or had toast for breakfast; this is clearly not cause and effect and I consider it a breach of trading standards to claim otherwise!

    4. veggiesosage 92 months ago | reply

      You might want to check the wording of your own trademark registration, especially the disclaimer

    5. Leighbob 92 months ago | reply

      Can I just say that while not properly cooked this "pudding" was delicious and in no way did anyone in the "club" drink the leftover sauce out of the jug?

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