An Evening at the Fire- Falls

Horsetail Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA




Time Lapse Video HERE.




Note: Every year for a few days in the month of February, the sun's angle is such, that it lights up Horsetail Falls in Yosemite, as if it were on fire. It truly is an amazing experience and one that I was fortunate to witness this week. This photo was captured from Southside Drive, with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 70-200 VRII.



Large Version HERE.



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  • Nikhil Shahi Photography 4y

    Aaron M Photo Yeah I agree that last year's shot is a little bit better. I do have tons more that I need to process (from Saturday) and of course got to stitch the Pano.

    I really like your shot too. You were all concerned that it wouldn't be sharp, but I think it looks great (at web res.). It was great meeting you guys and so much fun hanging out with the crowd. Great experience!
  • Steven Hsieh Photography PRO 4y

    That's very cool photo~
    I saw your first photo from Facebook and have been waiting for your exciting photo. I think I will try to schedule a trip next Feb.
    Thanks for sharing! That's amazing.
  • Willie Huang PRO 4y

    Awesome shot there! It was definitely great meeting you and Mike there. Those 3 hours seemed to whiz by. We'll have to get together for some future shoot.

    I might be heading over again next weekend for horsetail if the weather decides to clear up for a day.

  • n.pantazis PRO 4y

    Fantastic capture, congratulations!
  • Akaal Studio 4y

    this is brilliant!!
  • Nikhil Shahi Photography 4y

    Steven Hsieh Photography Hi Steven. If you can go, try and go this year. The window is until March 2nd. Just check the weather forecast and go. I believe it will be clear from the 24th onwards for a couple of days.
  • moflick2011 4y

    me, my wife ,my kids love going to yosemite all the time and thanks to pros like ur self we find our self going back again and the photo.thanks for sharing.
  • Perry Ng 4y

    Awesome Shot!
  • Dick Thies PRO 4y

    That is an amazing shot; so glad you shared it.
  • janis 4y

    Congratulations! Your amazing photo is one of the admin choices of the month @
  • Nikhil Shahi Photography 4y

    janis Thanks a lot for the feature.
  • Starlisa PRO 4y


    Your beautiful photo was admired in A CELEBRATION OF LIGHT
  • Lucci5 4y

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  • s0ulsurfing PRO 4y

    just stunning

    Your beautiful photo was admired in A CELEBRATION OF LIGHT
  • mrein49 4y

    A very pleasing photo.
  • abstract by nature PRO 4y

    Wow, what a special event you captured! Magical, it is!
  • Non Paratus PRO 4y

    That's amazing! Glad you were there to capture it!
  • from our view 4y

    Wow..amazing! Nice capture, thanks for sharing!
  • Nick Chill 4y

    Beautiful shot. Don't forget to add it to the "Your parks at sunset" thread.
  • Nick Chill 4y

    Beautiful capture of a classic scene.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful image in...
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