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Samsung Compact Camera System: NX100, NX1000 & NX11 | by Nik Morris (van Leiden)
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Samsung Compact Camera System: NX100, NX1000 & NX11

Samsung NX100, 18-55mm lens attached.Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) attached.


White camera Samsung NX1000 with 16mm f1.4 attached, Samsung NX11 with 50 - 200mm attached.


A few years ago as I was getting back into photography and had bought myself a Sony Alpha DSLR the Compact Camera Systems were just coming out. Samsung brought out the NX10. It looked like a mini DSLR, complete with interchangeable lenses but being smaller and lighter an easier carry for every day, unfortunately it was pricey, so i waited. While I waited the successor came out, the NX11 with improvements over the NX10, but still pricey, After a year the prices dropped and on the second hand market they really dropped, no doubt driven by the economic depression forcing folk to sell off luxury goods in a hurry. It was then I saw a complete NX11 system at auction and bought it. A little later while looking out for further NX lenses, especially the 16mm Pancake I was able to snap up an NX1000 plus 16mm and 20 - 50mm lens for a bargin price, getting the whole lot second hand for less the new body only. The NX1000 was ok, but just ok, however the 16mm Pancake lens was fantasic and more than worth the cost of the bundle. The bandle had come with an EVF but it would not fit on the NX1000 so i investigated and found it was actually for an NX100, which was a shame as it would have solved many of what i considered to be the NX1000s short comings.


With my oldest grand daughter wanting a camera and taking a shine to the white NX1000 I decided to turn it and the 20 -50mm lens to her. Just as I did this I saw an NX100 come up on eBay DE for just 48 Euro so I bought it - boy what a buy !


The NX100 is all I had wished of the NX1000 despite being the older model, coupled with the EVF I had and the very good 16mm and 18 - 55mm lenses it is a great little camera to shove in a day bag, or coat pocket. All the lenses are inter changeable between cameras, the batteries of the NX11 (NX10 & NX20) and NX100 are the same type and very cheap to buy spares.


The one big gripe I have is that with none of these cameras can an external microphone be attached unlike my Bridge Superzoom Lumix FZ150, but otherwise they have been bargains.


When buying kit be prepared to buy second hand, be patient and watch the auctions and you can be rewarded. Put long and considered thought into what you want to do with your photography. Consider camera weight, physical bulk, batteries, lenses. By all means read reviews but always keep in mind YOUR requirements over the reviewers.

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Taken on July 15, 2013