• "Unchi" is "poo" in UK English or "poop" in US English.
  • "Gumi" is a (portugese orginating?) loanword in Japanese meaning gum, as in "wine gum" (UK English).
  • This is a folk "character" whose body represents a pile of excrement. Most Japanese children can draw him. He is a friendly sort of character.
  • The suppliers are
    Tomoe Bussan
    5-13-10 Nakamoto, Touseiku, Osaka, Japan, Tel: 06-6972-7604
  • "Kun" is a prefix vaguely equivalent to the English "Master," applied to juniors in place of the Japanese prefix "san" meaning "Mr/Ms." So more correctly, this character is "Master Poop"

Mr Poop Candy

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The design of this wrapper is copyright of Tomoe Bussan Ltd.

This is the wrapper of a "Mr Poop" wine gum. The wine gum itself is brown and shaped approximately like the yellow stool depicted on the wrapper.

The character, Mr. Poop, is well-known and well-liked amoung primary school children. I believe that there is a comic or television catoon depicting the character. The character speaks. He is a pile of poo. It is not clear whose poo.

"Unchi" is the word for faeces used, the etymology of which is the onomatopoeic word for the sound that one makes during a bowel movement "nnn." There is a theory that this originates in the same "nnn" meaning "omega" as spoken by the second of the Koma dogs that guard shrines.

A survey of what British and Japanese students would find difficult to talk about to their parents revealed no great difference in taboo regarding sex, but a considerable difference in taboo regarding faeces. When asked whether they discuss their faeces with their parents a majority of Japanese students said that they did. In the UK this figure was less than 10% and several respondents expressed amazement at the mere suggestion of discussing size or consistency with their parents.

The lack of repression towards faeces can also be observed in the construction of the traditional Japanese toilet where the stool was dropped into a trench, rather than down a hole, perhaps for pre-flush inspection. The squat required to use one of these toilets also ensures a much shorter nose to stool distance.

The origin of the greater degree of familiarity with faeces is perhaps:

1) That faeces were a valuable commodity as manure in Japan until the advent of chemical fertilisers. Unlike the traditional European wheat field, the rice paddy does not need to be rotated with livestock grazing, and application of livestock manture, in order to maintain production of rice. The fermentation process that takes place in the wet field ensures that the field can be used repetatively to produce rice or other grains sometimes twice a year. But some manure is required and, in the absense of livestock, this was provided by using human waste, as well as ash and vegetable peelings. The result of this was that faeces where not thrown away but stored, saved, and prized in rural Japan. Specialist tradesmen would go and buy faeces by the cart load in towns. Another result of the use of human faeces as manure was the prevalence of paracytic worms, and the need for rubber soled shoes.

2) The lack of a strong taboo on nakedness and sex. Perhaps part of the reason why faeces are taboo in the West is due to the proximity of the sex organs to the anus, the dreer view Christianity has of the anything below the belt, or even of the body in general.

It should be noted that urination is also not as taboo as in the West, with "standing urination" (tachi-shon) being a common sight even on Tokyo Streets into the 1970's, "group urination" (tsure-shon) being a typical behaviour among young males, and doorless or opened windowed urinals being not uncommon to this day. Attitudes towards urination in Japan will be the subject of a seperate post.

The wrapper is copyright of Tomoe Bussan Ltd.

The reverse can be seen on this Japnaese bad candy blog, which writes, "to make the gum seem cute, it has been engraved with eyes and a mouth." Beware the brown.

The shape of the poop is similar to that used on posters encouraging dog owners to clean up after their dog.

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  1. Corgiflore 108 months ago | reply

    ....never seen here in Sendai !
    (in English, 「ウンチ」is "Poo" ?! Oh, I didn't know...)

  2. janig [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    nothing on poo - but pee?

    theres no pee taboo here (france)
    I havnt seen any women pee in the street - but blokes pee wherever the fancy takes them...
    I suppose theres a slight nod in the direction of decorum -
    ...the pee-er on a motorway hard shoulder will stand near his car with his back to the flow of traffic - but the classic pee-ing stance.. and gaze focussed on hand and organ - is always obvious.

  3. janig [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    and as for the 'dreer view' of lower body parts...the anus is still perceived as an the best receptacle for medication, for all kinds of ailments..(suppositories)..and the best place for a thermometer
    likewise - for fever.
    The bum? ass? bottom? fundament? in France - is therefore a significant focus for fond attention.

  4. clairish 107 months ago | reply

    I bought and ate some of these once - I seem to recall they had a kind of cola flavour.

  5. timtak 107 months ago | reply

    How appropriate!

  6. timtak 106 months ago | reply

    Thank you Krispy. This is now my most favourited.

  7. Best Ever 106 months ago | reply

    Yes... poo candy is Cola. I brought back a case of these things back to Canada!

  8. FunKinki 106 months ago | reply

    haha! cute poo!

  9. Trevor A Brown 92 months ago | reply

    Please ADD YOUR PHOTO to PoopReport.com is dedicated to the intellectual appreciation of poop humor. This Newly formed Flickr group is the same thing, only in picture form. www.flickr.com/groups/poopreport/

  10. timtak 92 months ago | reply

    Thank you for your interest in my poop. It is done.

  11. Amory Morton 92 months ago | reply

    This was facinating reading (: Thanks you for sharing this. As a person interested in the coltural diffenrences between east and west, I remember seeing a picture once of an asian business man in a suit and all just stopping to take a dump in the middle of the street (next to a tree). I think it was eggsagerated, I find it hard to believe people actually do that, but I'm not sure.

  12. timtak 92 months ago | reply

    I have never heard of a Japanese person taking a dump in public, but in China apparently, toilets for dumping used to lack cubicles and their patrons might converse as they used them. The Japanese find that pretty weird but many things that the Chinese do, or did till recently, were also done in Japan a little further back in history. I am thinking of dog eating.

  13. bayaniboulder 74 months ago | reply

    you get an A+ for all that stuff i only like not even kinda sorta half read without paying attention really

  14. littlejackshit 72 months ago | reply


    Please add this to unchikun

  15. Chiyama [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Super Awesome Anime-dolls-photography-chatting group, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  16. Benjamin Lukoff 65 months ago | reply

    Interesting it's "unchi" in Japanese... the Korean word I learned for it as a kid was something like "unnga"...cognate?

  17. timtak 65 months ago | reply

    Apparently while there are many structural similarities between Korean and Japanese there are few lexical similarities other than those words that they share from Chinese (which are many). So, if it is a cognate it would be a rare one.

  18. trubug 64 months ago | reply

    love it lol

  19. Flufftail 61 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the cute picture and the interesting info! :)

  20. timtak 61 months ago | reply

    Thank you. You may also enjoy, The Poo Poo Song

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