The Walled Garden - construction
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I'm not going to spoil the ending for those who don't know it, so you will see the house gradually evolve. It's called 'The Walled Garden' because it is on the site of an old walled garden, it will have its own walled garden, and its layout is inspired by the classic design of a walled garden.

It is planned to be a Passive House (or Passivhaus) so will need ti be certified before we get the badge. It is also a so-called paragraph 55 house, meaning that it has to demonstrate exceptional architecture; so that it will be allowed in open countryside. No layman would call this an isolated house in open countryside as it's between two other houses, but that is the designation applied to our whole village.

One planning condition is that we have to make a photographic record of the build to be put in the public domain, so this will be the source of those photos.

There are some would-be arty photos in a separate album.
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