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More pictures from my trip to the lake district.


This picture was taken on the wrynose pass near ambleside, possibly the most dangerous picture I've taken. I was in this fast moving river at night, in literally the middle of nowhere (no light pollution yay!) with no signal on possibly the craziest road to drive ever - and no one had any idea where I was. Well - no one that cares anyway.


The wrynose pass is a single track road, I'd say about 7-8 miles in length with numerous right angle turns on a steep hill. Some of the turns are literally on cliff edges with no barriers. I spent most of the time in first and second gear, and going over 30mph felt like I was doing 100mph. My traction control and ABS kicked in 4 times in 5 miles, and I must have come really close to crashing an equal amount. I actually met someone on this road who kindly pulled over to let me pass - a mile or so later I pulled over, got my kit out, set up an took numerous practice shots before they came past - so and average speed of 15 or 20mph was really fast for this road. Crazy.


I also really didn't appreciate how strong the moon's light is. I light painted the bridge in this shot, and it's still just a shadow. Meh.

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Taken on February 13, 2008