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My Twitter stats

After having some trouble coming up with the stats on my own (I'm stubbornly refusing to upgrade to Leopard), Damon has kindly sent me my own stats :)


Brief analysis: The high peaks of tweets after lunch could be because, as Damon mentioned, Twitter is often down in the morning, which prompts a high number of tweets when it does come back online. I note that I tend to send more of them in the middle of the afternoon or toward the end of the day, when I tend to have more free time.


Lots of tweets on Monday because it's the first day of the week, and I tend to have the typical "Monday sucks" messages. Also a huge jump in March due to SXSW, and a similar high in November and December, maybe because of the holidays. Pretty interesting stuff. I kinda wish stats like this was easier to obtain.


Kind of odd that it separated out @veronica: as opposed to @veronica . A simple colon makes that much difference? Hmm. (Also, I'm not stalking Veronica. Seriously. I'm not. Uh, yeah. Hi V! Don't kill me.)


If you have Leopard, get your own stats here :)

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Uploaded on January 2, 2008