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NGC 5101, NGC 5078 & Others | by Nicolas ROLLAND
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NGC 5101, NGC 5078 & Others

This wield field shows two bright galaxies. They are separated on the sky by about 0.5 degrees. Both are estimated to be around 90 million light-years away.


NGC 5078 is a spiral galaxy in the Hydra constellation, approximately 94 million light-years away from Earth. It has a diameter of 127,000 light-years and is probably a member of the NGC 5061 group. The dust lane of NGC 5078 is warped, probably by interaction with the nearby galaxy IC 879, which is itself distorted into an 'S' shape by the interaction. At the presumed distance the two galaxies would have a minimal separation of about 61,000 light-years. For comparison, the Large Magellanic Cloud is about 160,000 light-years from the Milky Way.


NGC 5101 is a lenticular galaxy in the constellation Hydra. It is separated in the sky from the spiral galaxy NGC 5078 by about 0.5 degrees, and both are believed to be at the same distance from the Earth. This would mean they are approximately 800,000 light-years apart. Both galaxies are believed to be about the size of the Milky Way.


RA: 13h 20m 45.46s

DEC: -27° 23' 20.7"

Location: Hydra

Distance: 94 Mly

Magnitude: 11


Acquisition May 2020

Total acquisition time of 26.3 hours.


Technical Details

Data acquisition: Martin PUGH

Processing: Nicolas ROLLAND

Location: El Sauce Observatory, Rio Hurtado, Chile

L 21 x 1200 sec

R 15 x 1200 sec

G 17 x 1200 sec

B 17 x 1200 sec

Ha 6 x 1800 sec

Optics: Planewave 17“ CDK @ F6.8

Mount: Paramount ME


Pre Processing: CCDstack & Pixinsight

Post Processing: Photoshop CC

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Uploaded on November 10, 2020