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NGC 1999 HaLRGB | by Nicolas ROLLAND
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NGC 1999 has a huge hole of empty space appearing as a black patch in its central region. It’s a reflection nebula, shining from the light of V380 Origins variable star.

The black patch is not a dense cloud of dust and gas but a truly empty hole.

The nebula is about 1,500 ly from Earth in the constellation Orion.


RA: 05h 36m 25.3s

DEC: -06° 42’ 57“

Location: Orion

Distance: 1,500 ly

Magnitude: 10

Other designations: LBN 979


Captured between December 2019 & January 2020

Fiel Of view: 41.3 x 27.1 arcmin

Total acquisition time of 24.7 hours.


Technical Details

Data acquisition: Martin PUGH

Processing: Nicolas ROLLAND

Location: El Sauce Observatory, Rio Hurtado, Chile

Dates of Capture December 2019 & January 2020

L 14 x 1200 sec

R 14 x 1200 sec

G 14 x 1200sec

B 17 x 1200sec

Ha 10 x 1800sec

Optics: Planewave 17“ CDK @ F6.8

Mount: Paramount ME


Pre Processing: CCDstack & Pixinsight

Post Processing: Photoshop CC



Objects visible in the plate solved version:

[H53] 58: HII (ionized) region

GAL 291.06-00.77: HII (ionized) region

[KPR2005] 65: Open (galactic) Cluster

[CHM2007] HDC 633: Group of Galaxies

[BYF2011] 128: Molecular Cloud

GAL 291.3-00.7: HII (ionized) region

OH 291.3-0.7: HII (ionized) region

[R2003] 338: Object of unknown nature

[DBS2003] 62: Open (galactic) Cluster

GN 11.09.3: Reflection Nebula

ESO 129-5: Interstellar matter

[MR2010] G291.2-0.7: HII (ionized) region

NOVA Car 2008: Nova

GAL 291.6-00.4: HII (ionized) region

RCW 57: HII (ionized) region

GAL 291.61-00.52: HII (ionized) region

GAL 291.61-00.53: HII (ionized) region

GAL 291.6-00.5: HII (ionized) region

[CH87] 291.614-0.525: HII (ionized) region


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Uploaded on June 14, 2020