Eucera vulpes

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    Eucera vulpes male (Hym. Apidae) found sleeping on the flower labellum of Ophrys helenae (Orchidaceae), 19.iv.2011, Paliouri, Epirus, Greece. Thanks to S Risch for his kind help with the ID!

    1. mstreinzer 93 months ago | reply

      Finally! I've been waiting for you to find one with a sleeping male on in. Was bound to happen with the number of O.helenae individuals you reported! Any idea which Eucera it is, so far?
      Nice shots!

    2. Nico's wild bees & wasps 93 months ago | reply

      Thanks Martin! It looks like one of the small species similar to E. vulpes and the like. Do you have a copy of Hannes' paper on the pollination of this orchid? Thanks in advance!

    3. SpyroGiros - too busy 93 months ago | reply

      Really a spectaculare serie!

    4. mstreinzer 93 months ago | reply

      Sent you the pdf, Nico. Your bee is really tiny, yet able to remove pollinia. I observed pollinators on the opposite end of the scale:

      Eucera berlandi pollinating Ophrys helenae
      Eucera berlandi, I hope to see some again this year.

    5. Fred Muller 93 months ago | reply

      You killing me Nico :P Your work is amazing :)

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