Traveling through time

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    Another from that gorgeous sunset behind the wind farm at Buffalo Ridge (near Lake Benton, MN).

    KK and I got off US 75 on Norwegian Creek Road, which is what's heading off in front of us here. The GPS, which was a bit confused about our little photo detour, actually suggested we continue down this gravel road and wander the backroads for a while. After breaching a few snow drifts across the road, we decided this wasn't such a great idea in extremely cold weather with night fast coming on. We turned around and made it back to the blacktop safe and sound, and remained on more substantial roads the remainder of the journey.

    I've often struggled with different ways of pulling out the useful information in both strong highlights and deep shadows, but somehow in all these photos I'd never learned (or just figured out) about multi-RAW processing. Well, now I'm learning, and we're all gonna pay the price. Tonight, the first installment!

    The color is a little richer if you view this in a context that respects color profiles. Everyone who's not in such a context will just have to take my word for it :-).

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    1. You can call me Sir. 89 months ago | reply

      Pretty colors but there's too much road and not enough sky for my taste. Plus the powerlines detract rather than enhance this photo.

      -Voted "delete" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    2. BBluesman 89 months ago | reply

      Nice sunset-delete

    3. patrick.gysen 89 months ago | reply

      great depth and wonderful colours.

      -Voted "save" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    4. ASHDR 89 months ago | reply

      I love the colors, but maybe a slight pan to the right or different crop would be better.


    5. Maxim Chechin 89 months ago | reply

      Great sky and nice perspective.

      -Voted 'save3' (by the Hot Box Uncensored) using hburatr

    6. zero.0ne 89 months ago | reply

      the horizon is a little too close to the center of the frame for my tastes. I think there is too much foreground in the shot. maybe cropping a bit off of the bottom would work.


    7. Lino Steenkamp 89 months ago | reply

      Comp not working for me, the leading line leading away from the sunset causes imbalance in the scene. delete4

    8. Greg Hayter 89 months ago | reply

      I think the sky is so beautiful and I appreciate your effort of masking. the forground is fairly boring and not enough contrast though


    9. Patchworkwhale 89 months ago | reply

      more sky less crappy road, nice colours though

      -Voted 'delete6' (by the Hot Box Uncensored) using hburatr

    10. BBluesman 89 months ago | reply

      D6 to here

    11. clickchick888 89 months ago | reply

      nicely done save4

    12. 89 months ago | reply

      I like the sky, but the wires running through it ruin it.

      -Voted "delete7" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    13. I Prahin | 89 months ago | reply

      I like it, reminds me of Fargo. save

    14. invitojazz 89 months ago | reply

      bellissimo tramonto e buona composizione

      -Voted 'save6' (by the Hot Box Uncensored) using hburatr

    15. FrankAuge 89 months ago | reply

      More sky less road.

      -Voted "delete8" (by the Hot Box Uncensored Group)

    16. nixter 89 months ago | reply

      looks like what I see all the time...nice sky.

      -Voted "save7" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    17. csuspect 89 months ago | reply

      Less road, more of that wonderful sky. delete9

    18. bhautik_joshi 89 months ago | reply

      Great clouds and colours but I feel like they're lost in the scenery. Seems like the snow covered ground is dominating the frame :( Could there have been a way to get less ground and more sky in the shot? Perhaps zoom in on the sunset on the horizon?

      -Voted "delete10" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    19. flashy ocean [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      So sorry your shot has been voted unworthy of The Hot Box
      please post here

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