• This is the only color I remember from Morris in November! :)
    (CoryQ) - Funkomaticphototron
  • I promise that the flowers are frozen and dead by now, although there's still a lot more green in the grass than I would expect for this time of year.

Corn and sunflower (butterfly is optional)

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The last of September's butterfly pictures. While it's still quite a bit warmer than "normal" for this time of year, the flowers and butterflies are all gone, replaced by flocks of honking geese.


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  1. fouramjava 90 months ago | reply

    :-) So nice to see September again. Lovely composition.

    Yeah - a lotta geese around here too. I think flickr needs to pipe in sound for us.

  2. Unhindered by Talent 90 months ago | reply

    Thanks. It was very kind of this butterfly to pose so nicely for me :-). Hmmm - sound effects with our photos...could be dangerous!

  3. mseidman 90 months ago | reply

    We have only our usual flocks of geese, and the occasional one or two swimming in the Hudson.

    It seems that butterflies are quite willing to pose...now, if the people would only go away.

  4. .Tatiana. 90 months ago | reply

    3 beautiful elements togheter

  5. Unhindered by Talent 90 months ago | reply

    Our house is 5 or 6 blocks from a small lake that the geese like, and we're frequently in the flight path of big groups (often seeking refuge from hunters - you can hear the gunshots in the distance).

    I wouldn't mind if the butterflies would stay still a little longer and do what I tell them. Maybe I just need to move around less :-).

  6. Seven Seconds Before Sunrise 90 months ago | reply

    Wow, the sharpness of the butterfly's wings is really spectacular, and the vibrancy of the colors really brings this image to life. I'm particularly drawn to that stark green background and how, instead of distracting, it places even more emphasis on the monarch and the flower. Nicely captured!

  7. kool_skatkat 90 months ago | reply

    You pictures are amazing, I love visiting!

  8. Unhindered by Talent 90 months ago | reply

    SSBS: Thanks! I liked the way the green background worked here as well, and the color shift near the top.

    kool: Thanks as always! I definitely appreciate your consistent support.

  9. RoanInKy 75 months ago | reply

    This photograph is beautiful! I am so impressed! It's great that you set it for creative commons.
    Would a creative commons license mean that I could I use this image in a grant proposal? We(at the Pine Mountain Settlement School, www.pinemountainsettlementschool.com, an environmental education non-profit in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky) are making a video proposal for a Community Gardens project, seeking funding from Fiskars. They want a creative proposal, but it's February here and we have no vegetables or colorful garden objects to photograph...

    I hope to hear back from you soon so I'll know it's okay. The deadline for the grant proposal is in 9 days...

    Cassie Robinson

  10. Unhindered by Talent 75 months ago | reply

    I'm thrilled that you think the photo would be useful in your proposal. You are more than welcome to use it, as long as there is attribution ("Photo by Nic McPhee" or some similar). For electronic uses I prefer that people also include a link to my Flickr account, but in a printed document that may not make a great deal of sense.

  11. pretendergurl86 68 months ago | reply

    Wow! I love this picture!

  12. ashbashcrash88 43 months ago | reply

    Wow! Beautiful, rich photo! Love the texture of the leaves.

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